Jul 222015
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Phantom Fist’s past comes back to haunt him in a big way in this week’s session of Alex’s Apex City Bulbous Quarry campaign! First, we revisit Blake O’Henry’s big score one last time to learn the fates of his former teammates. Twenty years ago, Blake survived the slaughter at Groutweasel Tower and fled the supervillain game, but not all of his team members were quite as lucky. In the present day, Ana Telonis, better known as Battery Acid, has escaped from a maximum-security prison, and Blake figures she’s out for revenge.  The Phantom Fist needs protection and the team needs a demonic totem to complete their Porter-tracking device, so taking down a vengeful Hellbinder seems like killing two birds with one death trap. However, when Blake’s feelings for Ana flare up just before their confrontation, it could spoil all the group’s carefully laid plans.

Campaign Navigator: Better Angels – “Apex City / Bulbous Quarry Capers”

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