Sep 092015
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“Calligraphy spins and we must dance, so The Scenery would have us believe. To them, life’s just one big party, and their leader, Found Wantvision, welcomes revelers grinning ear-to-ear. Problem is, all that twerkin’ and jerkin’ is pissing away our supplies, and now, the survivors of the Akatomi Complex are almost out of food. Barbarossa, Grandma Vega’s second-in-command, says she’s got this shit handled, but how’s she gonna convince Grandma to turn on his own DJ? Meanwhile, the rest of us go hungry. If this gets any worse, I’ve heard that Specter has some food stashed in his workshop, in the freezer with the spare body parts, but don’t tell anyone I told you! That fuckin’ weirdo headcase Sin has been coming around lately with her medical bag, and I don’t need another one of her “treatments,” all right?  

“Ah, forget it. Who am I kidding? We’re all probably fucked anyway.”

If you would like to hear the (quite lengthy) set-up for this session of Apocalypse World, click here.

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