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“Calligraphy spins and we must dance, so The Scenery would have us believe. To them, life’s just one big party, and their leader, Found Wantvision, welcomes revelers grinning ear-to-ear. Problem is, all that twerkin’ and jerkin’ is pissing away our supplies, and now, the survivors of the Akatomi Complex are almost out of food. Barbarossa, Grandma Vega’s second-in-command, says she’s got this shit handled, but how’s she gonna convince Grandma to turn on his own DJ? Meanwhile, the rest of us go hungry. If this gets any worse, I’ve heard that Specter has some food stashed in his workshop, in the freezer with the spare body parts, but don’t tell anyone I told you! That fuckin’ weirdo headcase Sin has been coming around lately with her medical bag, and I don’t need another one of her “treatments,” all right?  

“Ah, forget it. Who am I kidding? We’re all probably fucked anyway.”

If you would like to hear the (quite lengthy) set-up for this session of Apocalypse World, click here.

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  • Unit Omega

    Starting up on the setup. I like how everyone seems pretty excited to play and pick their options (*W creation is almost always fun). Chris seems like a fucked-up enough person to MC, so we’ll see how that plays out.

    As for Sex Moves, you guys mostly cover this pretty quick just saying it “can” happen, but as a sticking point, I’ll say I’ve ran like, 10+ games of AW in short little 4-5 session “seasons”, Sex Moves came up twice: only in the first run, and only between a PC and an NPC (Including once where the Hardholder just rolled right into an NPC’s move to give her 1-barter and make her go away)

    More in this space to follow.

    • Unit Omega

      Splitting into a separate post for the actual game, because my first one is already pretty sizable.

      The thing to remember about Read A Person is that you don’t have to spend all your hold all at once, and that the move occurs during an interaction. I’m not sure if it’s required to roleplay how exactly you find the answers to your questions, but it’s definitely in the spirit. Just a little “Okay, so the way he says blahblahblah lets you know X” every now and then is cool. Also, it’s read a person “in a charged interaction”. While that interaction was obviously sexually charged, it’s important to remember in the future. When DJ Found invites you over for psychic tea and chit-chat, Read A Person is not necessarily appropriate, unless you’re saying something about teatime. (Chris, I’ve both heard and personally gotten a lot of mileage out of asking players who want to roll Read A Person/Sitch if they feel an interaction or situation is “charged” when it isn’t obviously. The answer usually is “it is now”, which is always pretty fun for the MC)

  • crawlkill

    oooh mygod I love Apocalypse World and it’s the perfect game for a bunch of bullshitters like you guys. the Scenery, I was dying.

    yknow the Apocalypse World core is a very strange book. I’ve never read another RPG that was half as bossy. usually it’s all “throw out whatever doesn’t work for you!” but Apoc is all DO EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS ON THE PAPER. but I think it really works and creates an unshakable framework for the most wildly creative games.

    • The rules definitely give you the impression that playing wrong will result in Vincent Baker paying you a visit with a baseball bat, followed shortly by kneecap trauma. As the original, they’re the best explanation of the Apocalypse engine I’ve come across so far. I get the feeling that all the other *World game rule books (with the possible exception of Monsterhearts) tacitly assume that you’ve read them, and the good ones refer directly to them. I guess it pays to be overly particular though, because some people just don’t get how *World games work, and Baker seemed to understand that going in.

      • crawlkill

        I can’t be a test case, because I came into World games from Caleb’s RPPR games and you guys’ Nettle games, which I would’ve adored regardless of (non-two-hour-combat D&D-style) system. I only finally got Apoc World’s corebook a few weeks ago. if I were gonna criticize it, it’s that it’s–repetitive? like, the text for what each of the playbooks ‘is’ at its core appears multiple times copy-and-paste, and that felt like bad editing to me. but the book is so baseball batty that sometimes I wonder if that repetition wasn’t utterly intentional. it’s a fascinatingly iconoclastic take on RPG book design, and it’s created so many great sessions with so little out-of-game homework that I think there’s definitely something to it.

        should we expect more of this campaign? is it gonna turn into a 15-session marathon like the Nettlers? I’m disheartened by the lack of an episode one in the name.

        • It might turn into a chronicle. We’re trying to figure out what we’re going to be doing going forward so we can have more regular updates of our chronicles. We might try running fewer at once, so that way we can play (and post) them more regularly. I think we’re all down for more AW, though. So it could definitely happen.

          • crawlkill


  • Chados

    This is the first Apocalypse World game I’ve heard, and I don’t know the rules (Dungeon World is the only *World game I know), but this game sounded pretty fun! Chris runs the game well, and the characters are fun! Can’t wait to hear a few more of these- hope it runs for 5-10 episodes.

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