Sep 022015
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The Phantom Force is back with another dastardly plan for mayhem and villainy! They still need one remaining component, the feather of an angel, to complete their Porter tracking device, but just how low will they sink to obtain it? When the team learns that two heroes who’re playing host to true blue angels are going to be awarded the key to Bulbous Quarry, they decide to set up the snatch-and-grab operation of their careers. However, some of the Hellbinders are beginning to question their continued relationships with demons, while others recklessly skirt damnation, even as their choices nudge them ever closer to some moral event horizon. Can they lure an angel into an ambush and escape with their lives, souls and the intended prize, or will they feel the left-hook of Old Testament retribution?

Campaign Navigator: Better Angels – “Apex City / Bulbous Quarry Capers”

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  • Chados

    Wow, M. Night Shamalamalan-esque twist at the end involving Meyer(and everybody, I guess?). I was shocked. Shocked!

    I think the Phantom Force(five?) probably would have had a better chance with the other Angel. Wow, fucking superman indeed! I’m surprised you guys didn’t go after his “Weaknesses” more. Anyway, it paid off! …kinda? Can’t wait to hear the next one.

    Also, Guys- EEEEVIL! You never go “full Evil”! Holy shit, Jamez at the work site.

    • I was surprised by James at the construction site, too. I figured he’d erase all the marks and save people. But nope!

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