Mar 022016

Picking up where we left off last time, the disturbing trend of cannibalism in the Akatomi hardhold continues. When Barbarossa finds a mother munching on her infant, she turns to Nurse Sin for answers. Sin has issues of her own, however, tracking down the necessary plastic tubing to repair her broken Violation Glove. Specter might know who has some, but he’s got his hands full with an angry three-armed community member who won’t let him forget the unnecessary implant he gave her. And our great DJ, Found Wantvision? Well, she’s spending most of her time up on the roof, keeping an eye out for the raiding party, which still hasn’t returned. With food running low, it’s clear that everyone’s getting desperate, but are the cannibals the result of starvation or a darker force? Has Grandma Vega, The Tomb’s distant hardholder, finally gone around the bend, or is he having prescient dreams of a flea market in the wastelands? Find out, in this week’s Actual Play!

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  • Dinkle

    Another name for the knife game is Five Finger Fillet.

    Knowing is half the battle.

  • Unit Omega

    In my experience, “seize by force” is pretty esoteric. Feel free to use it to seize situations, attention and lives (Or even specific body parts) any time you want to take or secure something by being Hard.

    I’m going to seize his eyes [by force] works just fine; on a 10+ seize definite hold of it, inflict terrible harm and impress, dismay or frighten your enemy.

    • Unit Omega

      Aww, you mentioned me in a positive light. Yay! It’s funny, but kind of appropriate, I learned a lot about AW from listening to AP podcast, to return that knowledge to an AP podcast. Great session all around, you guys take to AW very well. But yes Alex, Barbarossa should violence people more, that’s always fun. Also, as a Gunlugger your choices generally boil down to “be good at killing” or “suck at doing other stuff”.

      It’s kind of interesting to have that “mystery” component. Really, you guys are doing all you can, short of having Specter “get to the bottom of some shit” in their workspace with it, or having an Angel with an infirmary. Oh, and opening your brain. If you ever want to just figure out some shit, Open Your Brain. If you suck at opening your brain, take a move from another playbook to open your brain with Hard or Sharp or something. IIRC, you can technically ask any question you like on Sitch/Person movies, but unless you have the special advanced 12+ version, the GM/other player is not required to answer those question.

      As a final note, I believe it’s an optional or house rule, but an idea I like is when you “roll over” on Hx with someone, the person whose understanding of you maxed out should tell you a secret or other relevant fact about their character.

      • I whole-heartedly agree that Barbarossa should do more violence. But she’s not only good at killing things. She’s also good at being intimidating. That’s about the extent of her skills, though.

        • Unit Omega

          Going Aggro is kind of like killing people. With your weapon spread anybody wanting to suck it up is going to get real dead for sure. It’s basically an oeuvre of “you are dead” or “you will do what I want or you will be dead”. Your ability to make people dead is what makes them do what you want.

  • Thanks, I think?

    We’re all a little confused about the second part of your comment, mostly because Meyer is neither Jewish, nor from Brooklyn, and we’re not too sure what would make you assume either of those things.

  • Loops

    Oh, sorry if I’m wrong in my assumptions (or am not catching the friendly sarcasm). “Meyer” as a last name has Jewish origins and Meyer talks about his grandfather escaping the holocaust in a few past episodes (while also vehemently refusing to allow a friendly Nazi scientist to live during a Nazi experimentation simulation, etc. etc.) suggesting full or partial Jewish ethnicity. I have also never been to NY, so to an unschooled midwestern ear, Meyer’s accent sounds like a Brooklyn accent similar to that of Larry David, which I apologize for misreading if incorrect. I was trying to make a joke about Meyer missing a few episodes recently because he was on a date or traveling and tied that to a mental image I have of Meyer which may be quite far from what he is actually like, since I only know him through a series of funny barf jokes. I meant no offense. Apologies again to Meyer and the entire podcast. (I’m something of an anti-social recluse so please don’t put too much weight on my characterizational capabilities)

    • William Meyer

      Hey dude! Don’t stress about it. Nothing you said was offensive. I get called Jewish all the time. So if your mental image of me is a Brooklyn Jew that’s fine by me. But can you also picture me as Brad Pitt?

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