Mar 022016
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Picking up where we left off last time, the disturbing trend of cannibalism in the Akatomi hardhold continues. When Barbarossa finds a mother munching on her infant, she turns to Nurse Sin for answers. Sin has issues of her own, however, tracking down the necessary plastic tubing to repair her broken Violation Glove. Specter might know who has some, but he’s got his hands full with an angry three-armed community member who won’t let him forget the unnecessary implant he gave her. And our great DJ, Found Wantvision? Well, she’s spending most of her time up on the roof, keeping an eye out for the raiding party, which still hasn’t returned. With food running low, it’s clear that everyone’s getting desperate, but are the cannibals the result of starvation or a darker force? Has Grandma Vega, The Tomb’s distant hardholder, finally gone around the bend, or is he having prescient dreams of a flea market in the wastelands? Find out, in this week’s Actual Play!

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