Dec 092015
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The final alpha test of Ed’s Will / Fate system, this time with a no-prep scenario generator! Were-giants are trampling the peaceful kingdom known as The Meadowlands, murdering peasants and wreaking havoc. When a group of mercenaries learn that the warrior king of a nearby fortress is being held hostage by the now tremendous Queen of the Meadowlands, they decide there might just be some profit in saving the day. Can a human, a quarterling, a Slenderman, an imp, and an orc tackle the giant threat before the kingdom is destroyed, or will they falter at the one yard line? Grab your chainsaw-axes, jump on your hoverbikes, and listen to find out!

  • crawlkill

    I have to admit I don’t really understand what this system is trying to do. maybe I’ve been indie snobbified, but it seems like a system should either be trying something very narrative with its mechanics (Apocalypse World, A Dirty World/Better Angels, the upcoming Red Markets) or be very generic and loose (Fate, to a certain extent d20 as long as you don’t mind murder being your central mechanic). not really feeling either here.

    • Unit Omega

      Well, can’t say for sure until anybody else can see some of the work – but it sounds kind of like Ed’s aiming for a fairly generic, setting-less system which is slightly more crunchy and typal than FATE, and also holds more basic, straightforward rules than say, an Eclipse Phase or a Delta Green. Seeing what RNR plays I can easily see where Ed’s drawing his inspiration from. And it’s not just “play FATE” like a lot of people throw around – I agree with others that FATE isn’t actually babby’s first RPG, it’s more like “we’ve been playing RPGs for a while and have some concerns”

      The games are pretty good, though I will say as a system I’m not really sure where Will/Fate is going besides a house homebrew to facilitate some of these wacky one-shots. I guess there is always a desire to build something yourself, but all of my (mostly stalled or half complete) homebrew projects are always specific to genre if not setting.

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