Dec 022015
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For the past year, the surviving members of the Fear Force Five have been hiding out in the desert backwater of Bulbous Quarry, amassing resources and plotting revenge. Now that two of the villains have freed themselves from their demonic shackles, the group’s time seems to have come round at last. Porter, the demon who outed them to the police, has taken possession of its next host, an undetermined member of their fallen friend Bruce’s family. If they want to keep the remaining Sawhouses safe from Porter’s rampage, they’ll need to head home and find out who’s in possession of its amulet. Can Pete, Jake, Weyland, Peyton and Blake stop Porter’s murder spree before it can claim another victim? And just how far will these ne’er-do-wells go to get even? Find out, in the exciting series finale of Apex City Capers!

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