Dec 022015
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For the past year, the surviving members of the Fear Force Five have been hiding out in the desert backwater of Bulbous Quarry, amassing resources and plotting revenge. Now that two of the villains have freed themselves from their demonic shackles, the group’s time seems to have come round at last. Porter, the demon who outed them to the police, has taken possession of its next host, an undetermined member of their fallen friend Bruce’s family. If they want to keep the remaining Sawhouses safe from Porter’s rampage, they’ll need to head home and find out who’s in possession of its amulet. Can Pete, Jake, Weyland, Peyton and Blake stop Porter’s murder spree before it can claim another victim? And just how far will these ne’er-do-wells go to get even? Find out, in the exciting series finale of Apex City Capers!

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  • Unit Omega

    There’s no other way to say this, holy fucking shit that was amazing.

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been on that edge of my seat like that for a game – it was brilliant, all around. Everybody was on top of their game. Even Will, who seems like he sometimes struggles with just, finding the appropriate response to being in the same universe as all the other PCs was on point. Everybody was on point. Ed was on like, two points. That is some next level MLGPro better angels right there, convincing one character to kill your character as your OTHER character. And the endings just ALL kind of work out. Weyland died for his redemption, Pete got out of this supernatural bullshit (though really, I was waiting for Pete to like, flip on the League, surprised some DA didn’t try that), Peyton got to be with his girl, Jake stays in Supervillainy and Blake has to un-retire. It’s like poetry.

    10/10 would listen to again.

    • The same thought occurred to me, but I decided not to bring it up. I think Pete may have been tempted to testify against the League in exchange for a reduced sentence, but he’d realize it would just make him a target. And even so, they never did anything but hold up their end of things with regards to the group. He’d want to spend the rest of his life in jail for what he was involved with, because as Ed said, it’s his atonement.

      • Unit Omega

        Yeah, Atonement is better than legal drama, it was kind of a thing of valuing “fuck this supernatural stuff” over repentance, which doesn’t make as much sense.

        I feel like there’s a big scenario or sequel seed in here, in like 20 years (Maybe after Martha dies if she can’t get Porter out) where some new generation of Hellbinders has to figure out the truth behind the “Fear Force Five”, and they have to go interview “Old Pete” in prison.

    • I’m sure the police interrogated him, but he’s not the first supervillain (or former supervillain) they would have had, so what could Pete have told them they didn’t already know? He knows the League exists, they have at least one super secret floating fortress and that they have their members commit crimes. He doesn’t know anything incriminating or that could lead to any arrests.

      • Unit Omega

        It was more of a characterization thing than a legal thing. With it all heaped on him, he wouldn’t get much than maybe a better plea deal for cooperation (though The Carpenter is still out there). Pete probably took a plea deal too, since if any of his charges were federal there could be capital punishment involved – and public opinion or no, jury trials have this thing where the state is required to find an impartial jury and all that other stuff. It’s a great big expensive fuss to go through only to get to the end and have the jury only find him as an accessory or maybe conspiracy charges for the rest of the crimes.

        Some day I should go through these and actually tabulate all the crimes the FFF committed.

        • Unit Omega

          I’ve only gone back through Episode 3, but the tally is pretty impressive, we’ve got multiple counts of Reckless Endangerment, Grand Theft, Petty Theft, Aggravated Assault, Tampering with Private Communications, a count of Extortion, Racketeering, Breaking and Entering – and almost certainly the thing with Schadenfreude would count as Conspiracy to Commit Terrorism and accessory to Assault (old people shouldn’t count as a deadly weapon).

          Good times guys, good times. Also this is as a group, not counting anything criminal or civil the individuals could be charged with (like Weyland’s negligent homicide).

          • “Mr. Travers, we’ve got enough against you here to put you away for multiple lifetimes. But if you cooperate, we might be able to knock it down to one or two life sentences. Who knows? Now that you’re de-powered, with good behavior you might be able to die outside of jail. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

    • Also, thank you! I should have said that earlier. I’m really happy with the way this whole campaign turned out. And I’d say it’s 100 percent because of how well all the guys played their characters. Well, I did do some work, so maybe 90/10. Or 70/30.

  • Chados

    Hey, a mention from Arc Dream! I really gotta listen to this one, and finish off the series.

    • We saw that! Pretty awesome. But I would suggest finishing the series BEFORE listening to this one. What with it being the finale and all.

      • Chados

        I did finish it! I was up to date and just needed to listen to the final episode. I must say, the ending was a total dog fuck scenario, and it couldn’t have ended more perfectly for the group formerly known as the Fear Force Five. Great Sparkler reference in the jail.

        I mean, everybody pretty much got what they deserved in the ending. Awesome roleplaying by everyone, and thank you for being able to witness it. 😉

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