Dec 232015
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Though The Nettlers (and Taeros) have brought a tenuous new order the kingdom of Wohlsenshire, they soon learn that the realm yet remains in peril of obliteration. Cosmic forces beyond the ken of mortals have been whipped into a furor by Hanzelbar’s thoughtless distribution of apotheosis rituals, and now the universe is in danger of tearing itself apart as the gods themselves battle to retain their mantles. Reluctantly, the party gears up and opens a gateway to the divine Realm of Purity, hoping to put a stop to this insanity so they can enjoy their heroic retirement. Can The Nettlers (and Taeros) prevent a pantheon of disgruntled deities from destroying creation, or will they, too be casualties in a battle of titans?

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  • Unit Omega

    This is as much for last episode as this one, but aw, lookit, Ryan using Love Letters! It’s probably one of the most fun things about AW – and ideal to handle long gaps in play. I’ve handled entire time-skips that way.

    Also, I will be sorely disappointed in Meyer, Zombie Peasant Meyer, and Pendrell if he doesn’t remember to punch Harmonianathema in the butt or give her a titty-twister or whatever when they meet again.

  • Loops

    Might this Avril Lavigne conspiracy refer to the Lyme Disease issue revealed earlier this year? or perhaps that is just a convenient cover-story to further hide the horrible truth?

  • Chados

    Nice game in the domain of the gods. Riding a giant Crystal Turkey and getting lit with the god of ignorance. 🙂 You guys are awesome with the side treks.

  • Nextlevel2

    LOL @ 44:00 mins in … Yes Meyer I still listen unfortunately for you muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 😀

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