Apr 132016
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Eight years after The Fall, a team of Sentinels is assigned to infiltrate the Titan Quarantine Zone on Mars in order to retrieve a Firewall asset. When he disappeared, the target was on a mission to make contact with the Yazidis, and had taken refuge from rogue TITAN war machines in the ruins of Qurain. Outfitted with emergency farcasters, the team knows that their mission is a one-way trip. Can they locate the target in an abandoned city and protect him long enough to find a functioning ego bridge? Join us for the first installment of a new Eclipse Phase campaign, the sequel to our original series, The Prometheus Chronicles!

Note from the GM: Hey listeners! Alex here. While this campaign is a sequel to The Prometheus Chronicles, that campaign isn’t required listening to enjoy this one. If you liked the previous Eclipse Phase campaign, there will be a few nods to events past and cameos by characters that will probably make you smile. But if you haven’t listened to that campaign, don’t worry: you’ll still be able to enjoy this one. That being said, I definitely suggest you go to our Episode Index and listen to the previous campaign. There’s some good stuff in there!

Campaign Navigator: Eclipse Phase – “Stray Thoughts”

–> Next Episode: “Picking Up The Pieces”

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