Jun 292016
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The former Sentinels of the Stray Thoughts campaign are back! Now that the truth of Proxy Steel’s plan has been revealed, the group rushes toward Earth to have the parasitic personality excised from their brains. Doc Skeelaxx, an associate of Elis’ who will be performing the psychosurgery, decides to send them on a mission to retrieve Lucas from his self-imposed exile in simulspace in order to keep them distracted while he fiddles with their mind-states. Now, the group must face a never-ending recreation of The Fall in order to help Lucas escape, all the while knowing that their very souls are under the knife. In addition, Bull, whose connection with the humanity she abandoned seems to be growing stronger, has instructed the doctor to re-install her capacity to feel emotions. Can the gang save Lucas from his own personal Hell? Will Doc Skeelaxx be able to remove the Maldonato ego growing within them? Will Tiffany’s feelings reassert themselves at a terribly inconvenient time? Find out this week, on Stray Thoughts!

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