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When the prince sent them over the mountains to avenge some royal slight, they were proud warriors ready to fight and die for the glory of their monarch. Now, in the wake of a failed campaign, a group of battle-weary survivors must make their way through enemy territory in order to return to their homeland. They know neither the terrain nor the language, and though the local customs seem oddly familiar, the enemy’s people and their culture are, in many ways, alien. Even the most miniscule misstep could reveal them as enemy combatants, so they’ll have to be constantly vigilant unless they want to fight their way through the patrols sent to wipe them out. Join the Rag-NERD-rok Crew and special guest GM, Raymond from [insert quest here], for an exciting livecast one-shot session of Dungeon World!

  • Mark Hedden

    I really enjoyed this one! In particular, I was really impressed by your guest GM Raymond’s worldbuilding. Interesting, logically sound but novel worldbuilding is one of my favorite things in fantasy and science fiction works, and Raymond really did a pretty good job. I was really impressed at how he made it feel like the PCs were navigating a strange land with strange and unfamiliar customs, landscapes, and inhabitants. And the PCs responded with an appropriate mixture of befuddlement, earnestness, and canny self-interest that really replicated some of the narratives I’ve read by European explorers of the Age of Discovery coming into contact with different cultures for the first time. Good job all around!

    Speaking of your crossovers with the [insert quest here] crowd, I’ve been listening to the Verdant Mountains series posted over there, and I would also like to congratulate *Ryan* on an incredible inadvertent pun he made. He had an NPC take off his spiked logging boots when the NPC entered Ryan’s character’s theater and put corks on the spikes so he couldn’t use them as weapons. Now, I happen to actually work in the timber industry, and, at least here on the American west coast, we call spiked logging boots “cork boots”. So when I heard your character’s suggestion, I laughed aloud at the inadvertent appropriateness of it.

    • [insert quest here]

      Yes, YES! Sing our praises! Your accolades are the only thing that sustains us!

      But thank you.
      Raymond has a campaign idea inspired by the colonisation of South Australia, and the inability of Europeans to put aside their expectations and adapt to what they found.
      “There has to be an inland sea here somewhere, so don’t you dare stop dragging that boat through this desert!”

  • Chados

    I’m only partway thru the episode.

    “Guys we need a good distraction”
    /Ogre crashes through area
    “Really, anybody got any good distractions?”

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