Dec 152021
Make Our Own Heaven Title Art

Join us this week as friend of the show Reizor (of the [insert quest here] podcast) takes Alex and Chris through a preview of their new game, Make Our Own Heaven.

In Make Our Own Heaven, you play as angel/human hybrid clones, on the run from the corporation that made you and the government that wants to enslave you. You need to work with your new found family and the community you call home in order to survive on the colony of New Heaven, which orbits Jupiter.

In this one-shot, two of the renegade angels have to come up with some quick cash in order to pay for medical treatments for the person who took them in. They’ll have to navigate a shady underworld, dangerous politics and the ever-watchful government in order to get the cash they need. 

But can they do it without exposing their true identities and getting caught? Listen to find out!

Make Our Own Heaven is releasing on later this month. You can get a copy of the game, and more of Reizor’s work, on their Itch page.

Sep 142016
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When the prince sent them over the mountains to avenge some royal slight, they were proud warriors ready to fight and die for the glory of their monarch. Now, in the wake of a failed campaign, a group of battle-weary survivors must make their way through enemy territory in order to return to their homeland. They know neither the terrain nor the language, and though the local customs seem oddly familiar, the enemy’s people and their culture are, in many ways, alien. Even the most miniscule misstep could reveal them as enemy combatants, so they’ll have to be constantly vigilant unless they want to fight their way through the patrols sent to wipe them out. Join the Rag-NERD-rok Crew and special guest GM, Raymond from [insert quest here], for an exciting livecast one-shot session of Dungeon World!