Sep 212016
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This week, The Stray Thoughts team heads to the most vile, dangerous place in the solar system, Legba! The former headquarters of the Nine Lives Cartel is still every bit as lawless and treacherous, but now one of Damien’s forks has taken control. Damien Gorello rules the asteroid with poison-tipped tusks in a tricked-out neo-porcine morph, but he has given up his brothers’ dream of fomenting a slave rebellion and instead simply revels in his power. Moreover, he has killed the surviving handful of Damiens and now holds most of their stacks on his person at all times. With the assistance of Yarmello, another fork who avoided the purge by playing toady, Damien Carmello and the rest of the team issue a public challenge for control of the station. In order to rescue his forks, Damien will have to defeat one of them in gladiatorial combat. Can his friends help him ensure victory?

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