Nov 222017

In the series finale of Rasa, the truth is revealed! The characters will discover what really drew them into Loredo’s web, and to the island. As children, the entire cast had a unique imaginary friend, one that seemed to have an unnatural effect on each of them in a different way, and which may be responsible for the island’s phenomena. Who—or what—is Quinzyre, and what does it want with the player characters? More importantly, can they convince it to leave Earth peacefully, or will they need to destroy it?

  • Chados

    Great job, guys! Quinzyre was quite the conundrum. I liked how you guys “leveled up” and then… 😀

    I wasn’t sure how the “Lost” game was going to work out(I never did watch any of the TV show), but it worked out pretty well at the end, with the collective storytelling. Nice job, Ed!

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