Aug 022017

Three gentlemen from the upper crust of Victorian society — a doctor, a champion polo player and a “poet” — are planning on spending a lovely day on the estate of their Grandfather. However, things don’t go as they planned. Between the alien invasion, time jumps and terrifying monsters, this afternoon at Grandpapa’s is not what was expected.

And worse, their tea is likely to get cold!

This game was run in FATE, but the scenario was created using Ed’s homebrew scenario creator.

Jun 212017

In the series finale to Alex’s Masters of Umdaar campaign, the Archaeonauts must use the Cube of Subeqo to defeat Drazkum the Debaser. First, however, they will need to capture the final piece, a sliver that they did not even realize was missing, from the Master’s helmet. And before that, they’ll need to put aside their differences, work out their interpersonal issues, and learn to work together as a team. Can this ragtag group of adventurers, mages and underwear relocation experts save Umdaar from the evil they unleashed, or will they learn the true power of the Demiurge when their enemy wields it against them? Listen to find out!

May 312017

In this week’s adventure, the Archaeonauts continue their quest for the fragments of the Cube of Subeqo! In order to retrieve the next fragment, they’ll have to cross a bottomless chasm, fight a colony of cybernetic ants in a destroyed city, and find an unreadable book in an impossible library. First, in order to cross the chasm, they’ll have to deal with a ferryman who demands that they give a part of themselves–or will they? Next, they’ll have to avoid a swarm of ants that has “uploaded” most of a city. Can they avoid being devoured? Finally, they’ll have to explore the Library of the Unknown, where the books reveal the knowledge that nobody else in Umdaar possesses. Can they defeat the fearsome librarian and escape with the missing fragment? Listen to find out!

May 242017

The journey to reunite the pieces of the Cube of Subeqo continues, but not without its perils. The party will have to cross a peculiar river, find their way through a rather unhappy forest, climb a very tall mountain and finally convince some monks that they are worthy. And, along the way, they may have to rescue Ruby Gleam from a pretty bad date with a tree. Do the intrepid adventures have what it takes to overcome the obstacles in front of them and obtain the treasure they seek? Listen to find out!

Apr 192017

Following their adventure in the skylands, Ruby Gleam (Spell-Weaver Supreme), Dourla the Loveslug, Ryder the Last Battle Toad, Charlemagne the (newly) octopoid cytyr, and Sir Reginald meet a new companion, Sir Jorn, a secret mutant knight errant. On their journey inland, they come upon a group of refugee duck-people, displaced from their city when an evil sorceress and her golem servants chose it as the staging ground for her dark technomagical spells. Now, the brave group of Archaeonauts will have to infiltrate the village, avoid the notice of the patrolling constructs, and defeat the wicked mage before her working is complete. Can they pull it off, or is this noble quest more than they can handle?