Nov 152017
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Aboard his giant battle planet, a massive space station capable of destroying entire star systems, the fearsome Lord Doomicus attempts to crush the scrappy Insurgent Alliance once and for all. A giant battle planet doesn’t run itself,, however, and the totalitarian Dark Lord requires an army of support staff to keep his superweapon crushing rebellions. Among these are Rolfio Scantron, an IT professional with a bad attitude and an overly friendly helper robot named Chit Chat Chip, Cyborg X-32-11-A, a Lightning Soldier who met with an unfortunate demise and had his body parts re-purposed, and Dash Adventura, a junior-grade accountant who moonlights as DJ Dümstar at the forbidden Battle Planet raves. When the Insurgents make a daring attempt to raid the battle planet’s architectural library in search of the station’s plans, it will be up to these three nobodies to foil the enemy’s plans. Can they pull it off?

This session of Fiasco was created using the playset Lord Doomicus and His Giant Battle Planet, by Scott Slomiany.

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