Oct 282023
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This last Spooktober game is a little bit late because it wasn’t actually recorded as one—shhh! People got sick and life got in the way, and we didn’t actually get to play a fourth spoopy one-shot. So please enjoy this re-purposed game of Heart that Ryan, Erik and Alex played a few months ago, and try to think Halloween-y thoughts while listening.

When a decadent high-elf noble sends an emissary to the undercity to procure a particular preferred pastry, it’ll be up to a Deadwalker and a Deep Apiarist to acquire the confection in question. In order to perform their assigned task and get paid, they’ll need to rescue the baker from a terrifying creature of the Heart. Will they survive their journey into the depths with their minds intact, or will a loaf of bread prove to be their undoing? Listen to find out!

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