Sep 192012

In this week’s Eclipse Phase game, the team of Firewall Sentinels faces off with an agent from The Prometheus Syndicate in a tooth-and-nail battle to stop the plot to destroy the Martian space elevator! But first, they’ll have to thwart massive amounts of OIA security, gain access to restricted areas on Tether, the asteroid serving as the space elevator’s counterweight, and figure out a way to deal with a TITAN-designed pocket nuclear device. Things head south rapidly for the team when they are forced to confront a Reaper morph on the underside of Tether, along with a bevy of booby traps. Can they save Mars from untold destruction, or will all their efforts thus far be in vain? Find out in the final episode of Godfire!

Campaign Navigator: Eclipse Phase – “The Promethean Chronicles”

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