Sep 192012

In this week’s Eclipse Phase game, the team of Firewall Sentinels faces off with an agent from The Prometheus Syndicate in a tooth-and-nail battle to stop the plot to destroy the Martian space elevator! But first, they’ll have to thwart massive amounts of OIA security, gain access to restricted areas on Tether, the asteroid serving as the space elevator’s counterweight, and figure out a way to deal with a TITAN-designed pocket nuclear device. Things head south rapidly for the team when they are forced to confront a Reaper morph on the underside of Tether, along with a bevy of booby traps. Can they save Mars from untold destruction, or will all their efforts thus far be in vain? Find out in the final episode of Godfire!

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  • oh MAN. wow. never have I seen a GM allow his players to fuck up that badly! power TO you for not giving them a whole buncha “are you suuuure you wanna do that?”s! it’s the eternal process of socializing PCs not to just shoot everything they see hahah

    so is the impact of the chain and what’s left of Tether gonna cause massive ecological damage to Mars’ fragile half-assedly terraformed ecosystem? the entire social structure and economy of the solar system’s been disrupted! SO SO PROUD.

    that was fantastic. loved the whole arc. and it was great to see Doc Skeelax or, uh, however he’s spelled back! hope we don’t lose him again! can’t wait for tier two!

    • Alex

      Thanks crawlkill! I’m really glad you liked it. I felt really bad when everyone started shooting at the Spare, but I didn’t want to stop them either. I think it worked out well (story-wise, that is).

      The cable would probably cause more economic and physical damage than environmental, I would say. The asteroid, however, is an entirely different story. I haven’t quite decided what to do with that yet, since I wasn’t really planning on the bomb going off. As for the socio-economic structure of the inner system, yeah, it’s pretty whack. Although the OIA sure has egg on its face now!

      Anyway, thanks for listening! And I’m pretty sure you spelled Skeelax correctly. I’d go check my notes to make sure, but they’re all the way on the other side of my room.

  • Rubric

    I enjoyed the return of Ed! Doc Skeelaxx (it’s two X’s according to his introductory episode’s notes thing) is my favorite PC out of this group. I find it ironic, though, the one session he should have missed so he wouldn’t have died, he finally came back. Was the TITAN mini-nuke designed to explode from excessive force, though? An actual nuke would do nothing if it was shot except maybe leak radioactive stuff. Either way, though, it was a dramatic ending! I don’t think I would have been ballsy enough to do that to my players.

  • Nirvash

    Late commenting away!
    So comments!
    Plays was good as always, and Ed is also good and just a note explosive bullets would explode in space and what Rubric said, normal nukes would only go off if properly detonated!
    The ended defiantly caught me off guard and I can’t want for the next one.

    • RyGuy

      John Travolta’s thoughts on Game V.

      Glad you guys enjoyed it. We certainly weren’t expecting that ending either. We just got a little trigger happy, and ended up completely destabilizing Mars as a result.

      As for real nukes and how they’d react to being shot, you’ve gotta remember we’re dealing with TITAN tech that’s been reverse-engineered by lunatics. The mini-nuke probably isn’t the most stable device in the first place. So I’m gonna defer to Alex on this one, at least partially because the last time I complained, I only made things worse for my character. 😛

    • Alex

      The TITAN nuke exploded when shot because of reasons.
      But actually, like Ryan said, it wasn’t true TITAN tech but something the Prometheus Syndicate reverse engineered, so they didn’t quite understand what they were dealing with.

  • Derek

    Blah blah Ed blah blah Doc Skeelax blah blah…… 🙂

  • Chados

    Oh, wow. -[boom]-

    I don’t remember exactly where they got the information, either, but I vaguely remembered the same thing- Carla(?) was in position, and had the Godfire device inside of her. Sorry, Ryan- I thought it was pretty funny that Alex did a rewind and it ended up being you that caused the explosion.

    As players, you guys knew your characters fucked things up, but at least your backups would be blissfully unaware of what they did! They just knew something went wrong…

    • Hey, it’s the luck of the roll, man. Sometimes the dice decide you’re a hero, and sometimes they say you’re responsible for killing hundreds of people, destroying an entire planet’s economy and ecosystem, and probably endangering millions of lives.

      Yeah, this one still stings…

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