Nov 142012

In this session, our Firewall Sentinels wrap up the personal missions they began last time. Elis must keep a devastating virus from wreaking havoc on the mesh when a vengeful AGI tries to wipe out the company that created it. Gavin delves deeper into the dangerous underworld of the Martian drug trade, forging an alliance between The Night Cartel in Valles New Shanghai and an upstart manufacturer in order to keep the peace in Elysium. Dalton locates his mark, but devises a dangerous gambit in order to free himself from his bounty once and for all. Damien shows just how despicably far he’ll go in order to take revenge on an escaped slave who dares to blackmail him. And finally, Lucas completes his mission for Direct Action with a typically precise application of deadly force. This week’s Actual Play is a hair-raising, character-driven game of Eclipse Phase, so don’t miss it!

Campaign Navigator: Eclipse Phase – “The Promethean Chronicles”

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  • Nirvash

    You like me 😀

  • Derek

    Upon listening to this, I realize how long it took me to formulate my amazing plan! I apologize for the dead air, but I am quite thankful for the end result…just took some time to get it put together the right way. 🙂

    • it was an awesome plan! I feel like you guys are starting to really get the setting. it’s rull cool.

  • Slowly Melting Snowman

    Greetings, all. Your dystopian, tech-crazy, hilarious/horrifying sci-fi misadventures have been my primary mp3-drug-of-choice for the last weeks.

    So thanks, past time you, for making current time winter go by a little faster with future time fun!

    • Nextlevel2

      Yes agreed! And since this was the first AP podcast I ever listened t, iI find it difficult when I get ahold of a new group because I’m accustomed to “ragnerdrok” ways, most others are really boring, I think ragnerdrok has a way of slipping in gameplay, conversation, laughter, seriousness, all at different intervals, to give a break from being monotonous. Just my personal opinion, and I won’t mention the actual plays I’m talking about 😉 I have two others I really really like too.

      • Alex

        Aw shucks. You’re making me blush.

    • Alex

      Glad you’re liking it! Hope you get to finish the campaign before you melt.

  • Chados

    Derek’s plan was great! I loved everyone’s personal mission in this episode. Nice work, Alex.

    Chris was just evil in this one, holy shit. Fight evil with… more evil, I guess. 😉

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