Jan 092013

Lucas, Gavin, Doc Skeelaxx, Amir, Damien, Dalton and Elis are dispatched to a remote asteroid under siege by agents of the Prometheus Syndicate in order to rescue Proxy Steel, a Promethean AI currently working with Firewall. Can our favorite Sentinels mop up the remnants of the enemy incursion team before Proxy Steel is corrupted beyond repair, or will they be undermined from within when one of them is infected with the exsurgent virus? Join us for a battle-heavy session of Alex’s Eclipse Phase campaign to find out!

Campaign Navigator: Eclipse Phase – “The Promethean Chronicles”

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  • oh nooo short session! (you don’t wanna know what’s wrong with my life such that I’ve got the free time that this length is brief.) Eclipse Phase combat is second only to ORE on the listenability scale, I fink. so much ridiculous shit going on. maybe Cyberpunk 2020 could give it a run.

    I realized recently that I no longer think of you guys as any less significant to my regular listening plez-u-are than RPPR, which is kind of scary. PLEASE DON’T DIE.

    also can’t poor Doc Skeelax just buy off his zero G nausea with a few rez points? it was hilarious at first, but I feel like the bitterness is starting to creep in =<

    • Alex

      We’re trying not to die! And that’s a good idea bout using rez points to get rid of the zero-g nausea. I actually hadn’t thought of that. I think that’s a fair exchange.

  • Will


    About the kessel run The run takes about 18 parsecs to travel. The third one is true and is the most reasonable explanation.

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