Dec 122012

In this game, we take on the roles of our enemies in The Prometheus Syndicate. Our goal is to capture and secure a specially-designed farcaster located in the long-abandoned Zrbny mining facility in the asteroid belt. During The Fall, Zrbny shut down for eight days, only to mysteriously come back online with no mention of the interruption of service. Since then, no one has set foot on the asteroid where it is located, and Ash, the station’s public relations AGI, warns off any ships that approach too closely. Those who fail to heed the warning quickly learn just how heavily armed the facility’s defense system is. Moreover, the station has run completely on automation for the past ten years, a fact that has led the wary locals to refer to the place as Zombieland. Can a scum machinist, a demolitions expert and a bitter AGI construct infiltrate Zombieland and wrest control from Ash, or will they join the ranks of the foolhardy adventure seekers who thought they could beat the odds? Listen to find out!

This week, we were play-testing a new rules light version of Eclipse Phase that Alex created based on Cthulhu Dark. If you, too, would like to run your own games of Delta Fork, you can find the rules online here. If you play, please share your feedback with us, either by emailing us or over on the Delta Fork thread on the Eclipse Phase forums.

Campaign Navigator: Eclipse Phase – “The Promethean Chronicles”

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  • I usually hack -other- games into the Eclipse Phase engine, me. I love the blackjack, I love the doubles-are-crits thing. that said, this was p cool! if I had a comment, it’s just that crits of either kind are gonna be SUPER rare here–1:100 for two-dice rolls and 1:1000 for three-dice rolls. I’d borrow a line from Wild Talents and say that any 2+ dice roll is a critical success if one die is a 10 and the other is above 5 (=5% chance to criticall succeed on two-dice pools, little higher on 3-dice pools) and that any d+ dice roll is a crit fail if one die is a 1 and -all- dice are below 5 (which is again 5% at 2-dice and a little lower at 3-dice).

    also wtf you guys played Mage? like, The Ascension? WANT.

    • Alex

      Thanks for the suggestion, Crawlkill. I was thinking about tweaking the crit success/fail mechanic, or maybe just take it out all together. I’ll have to mull that one over.

      And we used to play Mage: The Ascension ALL the time. That’s really the system we all played when we were first starting out. It was years before we started branching out into other systems. Frankly, I’m glad we did. Mage is nice, but it’s…clunky. That being said, we were talking about it so much in our last episode that Ed decided to start up a chronicle. We played the first game the other week, and it was pretty good. That AP should be going up soon. I think in the next week or two.

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