Mar 132013

When a mysterious plague hits the Venusian aerostat Parvarti, an overzealous Planetary Consortium diplomat named Dwala Chatterjee sees her chance to incorporate the independent city into the polity she represents. Little does she know that a steady stream of clandestine income from Parvarti’s massive tourism industry–fueled by illicit sex, gambling and other, more exotic transhuman vices–already feeds into the PC’s coffers, and her efforts to bring the resort into the fold would expose this black revenue to public scrutiny. In order to prevent this, Oversight dispatches an auditor and his team of “independent consultants” to resolve the crisis discreetly. However, they arrive on Parvarti to find that Chatterjee has disappeared despite being under surveillance by security agents, but not before calling in a team of Consortium delegates to pursue the matter further. Now, they must race to discover the causes of the outbreak and the location of their contact before the group of investigators she summoned arrives on the aerostat. Can they pull it off in time? Listen to find out!

This session was based on the scenario Bump in the Night by Brian Cross.

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