Mar 202013

Following their narrow escape from the alien-infested Fa Jing mining colony, our team of Firewall Sentinels sets off on the next leg of their mission. Proxy Steel, his memories restored, informs them that the Prometheus Syndicate has captured a notorious automated facility in the Main Belt where TITAN remnants have constructed a one-way farcaster. He dispatches them to infiltrate Zombieland and transmit their minds into the unknown. First though, they’ll have to fight their way through the station’s many defenses, and confront EliOT, the bitter AGI who now controls the facility. Can they survive a brutal robotic onslaught, defeat a psychotic infolife hacker, and capture the farcaster? What horrifying trials await them on the other side? And just what exactly is going on between Elis and EliOT, anyway? Listen in to find out!

Note: To hear the tale of how three Prometheus Syndicate agents captured Zombieland in the first place, listen to this playtest of Alex’s rules light version of Eclipse Phase, Delta Fork.

Campaign Navigator: Eclipse Phase – The Promethean Chronicles”

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  • The Laundry! Charles Stross deals in EP-style basilisk hacks and fantasy bullshit camera basilisk carbon conversion both, bless im. weirdshit morphtime YES! you are a sphere.

  • Nirvash

    Sphere seems like it would be neat

    • Alex

      I hope they enjoy their new bodies for the next few games. All of the morphs have abilities that aren’t listed on the sheet that the players are going to have to figure out. The sphere has some cool ones.

  • This is actually shaping up to be pretty interesting. As much as I’ve grown attached to the original morphs, I kinda want to hear what comes next and how these work out.

  • Erenthia

    I’m glad you guys figured out the T-Ray emitter finally. There IS an X-Ray emitter though (Page 316 of the core book) Still getting caught up. LOVE this series

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