Apr 102013

On a stormy night in rural Massachusetts, a group of strangers meets in a spooky old mansion to hear the reading of a will. The deceased, an elderly, incredibly wealthy eccentric by the name of Jebediah Burnwood, has bequeathed his entire estate to anyone at the reading who spends the night in the house. However, it soon becomes evident that Burnwood’s interests went far beyond the eccentric, and the beneficiaries of his will find themselves trapped in an isolated old house with a terrifying predator from another world. Can a genre savvy linguistics professor, a New York family man and a con artist posing as a distant relative overcome the threat and survive the night, or will the otherworldly creature tear them to shreds? And just what is the deal with Burnwood’s unsettlingly stoic butler, Malcolm? Listen to this week’s spine-tingling actual play to find out!

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