Apr 172013

This week, our stalwart team of Firewall Sentinels begins their journey through the expansive ruins of Tartarus, a TITAN-created city located somewhere in the outer system. Sleeved in bizarre morphs with unknown and untested abilities, they’ll have to brave the hazards of a physics-defying urban nightmare created by insane machine gods in order to secure some bit of important intel for the organization. In this horrific landscape, they’ll encounter sanity-racked egos trapped in endless torment, wild artificials executing the lunatic experiments of their absent masters, and a host of other extremely troubling things. Will they be able to find weapons and clothing somewhere in the city? Exactly what has the Prometheus Syndicate been up to here? And most important of all, can they escape this mind-shattering maze of endless anguish with their psyches intact? Give a listen to find out!

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