Mar 272013

In the previous episode of Bump in the Night, an Oversight auditor and his team of “independent contractors” were sent to the quarantined Venusian aerostat of Parvarti to investigate a mysterious outbreak among the mostly transient population. They discovered that the so-called infection was merely a side-effect caused by a secret application of a low-grade medical nano, the unintended consequence of an XP harvesting operation run by the Night Cartel. With the inhabitants of Parvarti on the edge of panic over the quarantine and time running out before the outside world comes calling, the players will have to find the gangsters responsible for the fiasco and neutralize them. Can they take out a space mafia stronghold without getting capped, or will they find themselves at the mercy of a sadistic mafia boss and her squad of Olympian goons? Listen to this week’s Actual Play to find out!

  • I dunno if neo-avians can fly in 1g! they’d have to have rully low durability to be able to. hollow bones n stuff, y’know. and essentially naked, or not wearing anything heavier than feathers. can’t get enough lift for the weight if you have mammalish density.

  • I actually checked into that after the game. Turns out they can fly in 1g, they’re just not as maneuverable. Here’s what Panopticon says:

    Along with their increased cranial size, neo-avians are much larger than their animal cousins, though still small compared to humans, roughly equivalent to a five-year old child. These physiological changes were not as simple as they seem. In order to sustain terrestrial flight, neo-avians have to be light. To compensate for this increased mass, their bones are engineered to be both stronger and lighter. Still, neo-avians are not as nimble fliers as their animal progenitors.

    The same doesn’t hold for avians living in microgravity environments, of course. Like cetaceans, birds live their lives in three dimensions. Neo-avians thus excel in micrograv environments; another reason the hypercorps focused on them as early research subjects. This did require some esophagus modifications, however, since non-uplift birds require gravity to swallow and so would die of thirst in micrograv.

    • neat! post-actually finishing listening commentary: that was the least hapless and most hilarious EP combat I’ve yet heard here or in Know Evil. it was great! I’m usually on the side of PCs getting fucked over, but actual competence is fun, too, apparently. moreover ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-TWO LIVES someone was ANTICIPATING Bioshock Infinite spoilers before it even came out what the hell

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