Sep 042013

Winter, 1610: The settlers at the Virginia Company’s Jamestown colony are dying. Unable to grow their own food, they counted on the goodwill of the Native Americans and resupply missions from England to see them through the frigid winter months. However, trade negotiations with the Powhatan Confederacy have broken down and their last shipment of supplies from home never arrived, leading to a season of famine known as The Starving Time. When the members of a hunting party are found viciously murdered and dismembered outside the fort’s timber walls, a trio of colonists must set out into the wilderness to find out who–or what–killed them. They soon learn that there are more dangerous things in the New World than wild animals and Native raiding parties. Now, in order to survive the night and ensure they safety of the colony, they’ll have to face off with a creature that has an insatiable hunger for human flesh. Can they defeat it, or will they become its next meal? Listen to find out!

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