Sep 112013

The God-Machine has agents everywhere; angels walk among us, horrific biomechanical constructs with no free will that carry out its instructions without question. Sometimes, however, there are bugs in the program, and an angel will become self-aware, second guessing her purpose and reconsidering her orders from on high. She becomes a demon, disconnected from her creator, with only her human cover to protect her from its loyal pawns.

When four Unchained meet by happenstance on a ferry from Seattle to Port Angeles, they begin to suspect that the God-Machine is manipulating them somehow. They catch sight of a mysterious figure with a cell phone who seems to be tracking them, but for what purpose? Have they stumbled onto part of the God-Machine’s Infrastructure, or are they being led into a trap? In order to find out, they’ll have to risk their cover and their lives, and count on one another for support. Can they trust each other enough to survive their encounter, or will they be captured and put to new use in their former master’s service? Listen to find out!

  • crawlkill

    I tumblerolled straight to drivethrurpg when I saw this title! but alas, only the quickstart rules. oh well. sooooon.

    it’s too too hilarious when you guys, like, reason aloud for five minutes over some completely trivial thing. “well, if it’s more than 8 miles, we shouldn’t walk.”

    • Many of us are terribly indecisive at times. Making plans in real life is a goddamn nightmare.

      • crawlkill

        if it were less earnest and more argumentative it could maybe be annoying, but it almost always feels like everyone’s really thinking hard about whether they should take bikes or the tram and it just makes me grin

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