Dec 042013

When Firewall sends a triad enforcer, an uplifted octopus, and an AGI hacker to investigate a mysterious hidden construction site in the Neptunian Trojans, they discover a splinter colony of disgruntled infomorphs bent on escaping the oppression of transhuman society. Their leader, a charismatic seed AI who calls themself Zephyr, plans to build an extrasolar utopia where all of transhumanity’s spurned creations can live in peace among their own kind; however, their plan comes at a potentially deadly cost to those left behind. Caught between her allegiance to Firewall and her sympathy for Zephyr’s cause, AGI 3lizab3th struggles to convince her fellow Sentinels that they can trust the artificials. Should Firewall look the other way while a rogue seed AI plots at the edge of the solar system, or is 3lizab3th’s faith in Zephyr misplaced? Listen to find out!

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