Dec 042013

When Firewall sends a triad enforcer, an uplifted octopus, and an AGI hacker to investigate a mysterious hidden construction site in the Neptunian Trojans, they discover a splinter colony of disgruntled infomorphs bent on escaping the oppression of transhuman society. Their leader, a charismatic seed AI who calls themself Zephyr, plans to build an extrasolar utopia where all of transhumanity’s spurned creations can live in peace among their own kind; however, their plan comes at a potentially deadly cost to those left behind. Caught between her allegiance to Firewall and her sympathy for Zephyr’s cause, AGI 3lizab3th struggles to convince her fellow Sentinels that they can trust the artificials. Should Firewall look the other way while a rogue seed AI plots at the edge of the solar system, or is 3lizab3th’s faith in Zephyr misplaced? Listen to find out!

  • crawlkill

    I will say something! I’ll say that I loved it and wouldn’t change a thing. Actually involving PCs in a speculative ethical sticking point endemic to the setting? The half hour argument was great. “How far do you trust your own people?” Gah, it was brutal and awesome.

  • Omega

    Ah, this is a true Firewall dilemma, the kind you don’t see often. This is what all that forknapping and rigorous ethical testing by the Org is for. And even if they weren’t happy, PCs at least try to make some Org-type decision(s).

    Also, while that Seed AI has a point about human nature, I find it kind of funny it talks about statistical evidence like it does. If you have a properly formatted statistical sample, it will always make something that roughly resembles a bell-curve, with the majority of your responses as the “curve” in the middle, and then outliers. It’s mathematically unreasonable to assume you could completely remove outliers, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t still see/create/strive for a statistical majority to be accepting of Infolife. I mean, personally (while I’ve probably be conditioned by years of sci-fi), I’d be cool with infolife buddies, assuming they aren’t trying to kill/enslave/eat my brains, and I’ve been personally making a philosophical distinction between “people” and “humans” for a couple years now (Thanks Eclipse Phase).

    But it’s cool, he’s robo-stalhitler.

    (Also, kudos to Alex for portraying a Seed AI as something other than Cthulhus. While TITANs are certainly that way, I think a lot of people forget that non-compromised Seed AI usually start similar to regular AGIs, and thus may be socialized with Transhumans or otherwise experience similar thoughts/desires/wants to other transhumans, it’s just that once they self-improve to a certain point, the actual things they want and the ways they have available to them to get them are so wildly different that transhumans cannot necessarily follow or understand them completely)

  • Chados

    Wow, good existential episode here, and I did like the IC/OOC conversation. This one definitely seemed not set in black and white, but several shades of gray.

    Killing a couple thousand AGI’s would be bad- but then again, if they were to all uplift themselves somehow as Seed AI’s or some kind of gestalt mega-AI(i.e..: TITAN) when they’d be off on their own… Not good.

    Not good at all.

    Firewall agents get all sorts of fun work. 😐

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