Dec 112013

You know how the old story goes: a group of wandering adventurers arrives in a small medieval village, road-weary and eager for a rest, or maybe a pint at the local tavern–hijinks ensue. However, in this instance, our group of brave wanderers arrives in one particular village to find the place deserted, vacant of any human presence. It seems the local wizard, an elderly and somewhat absent-minded fellow, has accidentally cast a spell that trapped the village’s population in a crystal, and while he was trying to reverse the process, just happened to teleport it into the clutches of a mad lich who reigns in eternal undeath from a nearby tomb of horrors. Now, our stalwart band must journey into an ancient necromancer’s lair in order to retrieve the missing gem so that the goofy old wizard can set things right. Can they rescue the townsfolk from the evil skeleton and restore them to life? And shouldn’t there be some kind of reward for this sort of thing? Listen in to find out!

This game session was created using the two-page Adventurers! rules, by GRAmel Games. It’s cheap and easy to learn. If you’re interested in a fun, light-hearted, and ultra rules light system, check it out!

  • Paul Scrodger

    I was told about this place from my friend John Henry he lost his email address to spam and a nigerian prince and his woman whose convinced he is cheater on her with that prince so he cant leave any comments or stuff but he still listens and talks about you boiz all da time. My lordy for a group of white boys you be crazy! I was thinkin maybe i start here at the 1st actual play on the list and is this james kid your punching bag or something or is he hideously deformed that you guys use hi as a monster and refrence to these guys that you dont play as. im new to the scene of actual plays and this shit is hype John been tryin to get us to play but ya know we have to play in basements and shit so the crew dont see may hurt our rep but we spreading the word about you guys most of us like it otha hommies dun wan be bothered. i listen to you guys when i workin out. You will be hearing from me more often i will be sure to comment! This was alotta fun to listen at you guys are funny and awkward its awesome, i is a little more of a nerd and stuff than that fool John so this is great to help me get more into the world of fantasy!

  • Paul Scrodger

    i forgot to talk about what i liked from the episode i just started ramblin about you guys and your funnyness that alex has a voice for radio man he sounds suave as fuck, that ed can play a dopey guy he sounds like he looks dopey, that meyer guy sounds like he could be an angry dwraf, james must be one scary or ugly mother to be labeled as a monster in the woods, ryan sounds like he is the brains of the group and the most experienced player in the GAME!

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