Jan 152014

This week, join us for our first ever Pathfinder dungeon crawl! When their ship is eaten by an enormous mechanical sea serpent, a dwarf and two half-elves must brave the dangers of the strange pocket dimension within to escape. In order to prevail, they’ll have to battle their way past greedy kobolds, ensorcelled merfolk, and a sea hag that seems to be controlling it all. Can they overcome the enemies, avoid the traps, and resist the temptation of a magnificent treasure horde, or will they meet their end in the serpent’s belly? Listen to find out!

  • oh man, I would take Meyer OUT. end im! yknow I think you guys are the only people ever to have said my screen name out loud. it’s kinda creepy. I’m with Ryan on the fantasy combat games issue…tend to snap back and realize I’ve tuned out two hours of em. as has happened here! I hear there’s a woman emitting positive energy and I don’t even know where she came from and now there are sharks and am I even still a real boy

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