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After spending six months recovering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in Arkham, MA, retired detective and crime writer Frank Lamont is ready to put paranormal investigations behind him and go back to his quiet life. A small circle of friends—including Catholic priest Father Wilson, nurse Sean Pepper, adventuring biker Jamie Bolton, and archaeologist Paulie Schultz—have gathered at the swanky Hotel Rutherford to bid Frank farewell. Unfortunately, the Mythos has a way of interfering when Investigators try to pretend that it doesn’t exist, and before long, the gang finds themselves making inquiries into a mysterious death in the hotel pool. What disturbing secrets will they uncover at the Hotel Rutherford, and what will they mean for Frank’s plans to move on after his suicide attempt? Listen to find out!

Campaign Navigator: Call of Cthulhu – “Frank ‘n’ Pete”

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  • ahahah man Ryan’s character’s gotten hilariously genre savvy. “dead old lady. sassy young lady. welp, probably a body-swapping operation.”

    have you guys thought about running one of the epic published CoC campaigns? I found a podcast of these guys doing Beyond the Mountains of Madness, which is just obscenely deep. they’re not doing it the kind of justice I think Ragnerdrok would, though. Ryan and Alex in particular seem like they’d do well as PCs in a long and detail-oriented cosmic horror adwenture.

    • Omega

      I’ll second crawlkill in saying that it would be very interesting to see you guys take on one of the classic CoC campaigns, like Masks of Nyarlathotep, Tatters of the King or Horror on the Orient Express. I’ve listened to some people (YSDC, who I suspect is who crawlkill is listening too as well) do the full thing and while they can be a bit lengthy, it’s very interesting and completely different approach to CoC than the alternative, ye old’ “bounce from complete scenario to complete scenario with the same characters” campaign.

      Also other than the depression-era Red Tower, I don’t think Ragnerdrok has ever done CoC in the classic 1920s era, which saddens me.

      • There’ll probably be more Lovecraftian hijinks from us in the future, though I can’t say exactly when. I just bought myself a copy of Trail of Cthulhu, and a few of the guys have expressed an interest in playing. We’ll probably give it a try at some point once I finish reading the rules. Alex was also thinking about running Beyond The Mountains of Madness for his next campaign, or else a homebrew FATE campaign that involves battling the Great Old Ones.

        • Fate is so much fun to listen to. does it have horror hacks around, though? PCs almost seem too powerful in most of the Fate games I’ve heard. I’d love to hear you guys do BtMoM, anyway! that shit is DEEP, and the guys I’m listening to, eh, they don’t get all that involved. it’s a campaign that could do with a RyanPC level of scrutiny and takingthesettingseriously.

          and Meyer’s one-armed murder hobo’s one-armed murder hobo great grandfather would be a perfect fit, too.

          challenge: run CoC in the Dirty World engine. Nyarlathotep slides three points from your Purity to your Corruption.

          • Omega

            As fun as the idea of Cthulhu Noir is, it’d probably be better to go with Nemesis, which is an ORE game pretty specifically designed to emulate CoC. Maybe a little too much with their skill list, but, w/e. Nemesis is pretty good if you want to do an ORE Horror or Suspense -type game.

    • Before we started recording APs regularly, I ran a good chunk of Masks of Nyarlathotep for Chris, Meyer and Alex. It was magical. Chris ended up playing my favorite CoC Investigator of all time.

      He was this NPC I rolled up as a spare character to prepare for the eventuality of someone dying or going insane. He was an Egyptian scholar named Amen who was studying with Meyer’s character at Columbia, and Chris decided that he was a rank coward. The other Investigators practically dragged him through the three or four sessions that he lasted. They even had to lie to him to get him to show up when they raided the Harlem curio shop, and by getting him involved, they basically ruined his life and got him killed.

      I wish we had decided to record that. It was a good ‘un.

      • RPPR did Masks before they started recording, too! it’s a great conspiracy to hide the Mythos

      • Chris

        Poor Amen, “ruined his life and got him killed” is sure a mild way to put that. Didn’t some monster eat his arm while he was alive before both were crushed to death by a giant chandelier? I feel like they were on fire as well…

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