Jan 222014

This week, the newly reinstated team of Firewall Sentinels takes on their most dangerous mission yet: they must travel to Earth in order to take down the leader of the Prometheus Syndicate, Charlemagne. His doomsday plan exposed, the former Proxy Mute heads for transhumanity’s abandoned home world in a last-ditch bid to achieve transcendence. Broadcasting from Madrid, he sends out a signal calling the TITANs back to the solar system. Can Lucas, Dalton, Amir, Damien, Doc, Gavin and Elis pull off one last op to save transhuman civilization, or will the confrontation prove too much for them to handle? Listen to find out in Part 1 of the Promethean Chronicles finale, “Going Home!”

Campaign Navigator: Eclipse Phase – “The Promethean Chronicles”

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  • crawlkill’s review of PC behavior in this campaign is “you dealt the final blow to Martian ecology, broadcast a seed AI to the system so that millions of instances of it now run every location they were picked up on and crashed the only major Reclaimer launching point into Earf.” all in all, I think you’ve devastated most major political agendas in Eclipse Phase! I totally approve, sick of these campaigns where everything ends up all -nice.- my only regret is that no Know Evil characters have shown up shaking their heads.

    I have to say, though, that I’m once again disappointed in Lucas! first he lets the seed AI out, then he lets some random chick who’s been on post-Fall Earth for TEN YEARS into his tacnet? if you all exsurge moments before the climax, you’ll have only yourselves to blame! hopefully Damien will kill a PC, at least. jeez.

    • That was certainly a risk, but I went with my gut on whether or not to trust her. She’d had plenty of opportunities to eat our brains before we patched her into the Tacnet if that’s what she wanted to do. Without giving anything away, though, I honestly spent most of this session and the next waiting for her to go exsurgent on us.

      • she best betray!

        unrelated: I was listening to something else today and hit the pause/play button on my earbud cord earlier, and the last, oh, 60 seconds or so of this session started playing. when it finished, it started over, playing the last 50 seconds. when it’s finished, it starts over again, playing the last 45 seconds. it starts over again playing the last 40 seconds or so. this process of decline continues until I’m just listening to the last few seconds of the episode over and over, truncated more and more until playback finally ends.

        so if you really wanna fuck with me, start an episode by repeating the same shit over and over, cutting off a few seconds from the beginning each time.

    • chris

      Without confirming nor denying that Damien killed a PC in the last game, I think you will enjoy Damien’s final scenes. I know I did.

  • I’ve been following this campaign for months now and it is sad to see it come to it’s finale, just as it was with Know Evil over at RPPR.
    Since I’ve yet to find a gaming group where I live (the hobby is ridiculously rare here in my country), videos and podcasts of gaming sessions like these have been all that’s available for me to experience what an actual play is like. I’ve joined a Google+ community and we plan to play using the tools from Roll20.net, but we’ve been getting some schedule issues.
    All in all, the experience with you guys has been awesome!, dare I say that even better than the Know Evil campaign. It’s just that to me your group seems to have more kinship and a better social dynamic with each other, even though you tend to be quite mean to Will ;).
    Keep doing what you are doing here at ragnerdrok. I really hope to see more of you guys in the future! Peace.

  • Chados

    Is this a funhouse? Why- am I having fun? Can’t wait to see what happens in the ultimate episode! The Husk-like insurgents were a cool idea- was waiting to see Will getting dogpiled by 3 or 4 more of the things.

    How the fuck did everybody survive a crashing station? 🙂

    My main concern going into the final episode, is that the signal to the Titans has been broadcasting so long, it’s probably too late to stop. Or, who knows- the Titans wouldn’t give a shit if someone was telling them to come back to Earth(Erf).

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