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After 29 sessions, The Promethean Chronicles draws to a close! Our favorite team of Firewall Sentinels must complete their journey to Madrid for the final showdown with the Prometheus Syndicate’s disgraced leader, Charlemagne. In order to do so, however, they’ll need to overpower a gang of Fall survivors, battle TITAN warbots, and endure a nightmare-inducing encounter with transhuman remnants in a darkened tunnel. Will they be able to overcome the horror and hold together long enough to confront their enemy? Can they possibly defeat a posthuman bent on their destruction? And if so, how will they escape Earth? Find out this week, on the final episode of Alex’s Eclipse Phase campaign!

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  • Whyco

    Great job, guys. I loved the entire campaign, thanks for keeping me laughing through the dark hours of my night-job. Keep up the awesome work.

    Oh, and first.

    Suck it, crawllkill.

    • pff, I am not a jealous commenter. makes me feel less creepy when other people speak up.

      I’ve been holding off on saying anything ’cause I kinda don’t approve and I feel bad about saying so! a plasma roll-off climax, the PCs escaping with their stacks and then the recolonization of Earth kickstarted by their flailing? c’mon. the best these assholes deserve is a Pyrrhic victory. you’d been so good about letting the PCs fail up til now, Alex! I was hoping they’d just lose and the last scene would be a Neptune-orbit solid Dyson sphere manifesting around Earth so Yog Sothoth could power its toothbrush or something.

      still, as a whole, very fun campaign. Alex, I like that you generally let the PCs fuck up real bad and rolled with it; Ryan, I love how seriously you took the setting, because it deserves it. everyone else, I love what horrible fucking people you were playing. I think I’ve said before that my favorite part of Ragnerdrok is how good you are at roleplaying absolutely awful humans, and Damion and Doc Skeelax and…Meyer’s character’s name escapes me definitely succeeded there. Elise and Dalton, well, you were charming, too.

      I’ve now listened to two complete Eclipse Phase podcast campaigns. my life.

      • “Dyson sphere” “around Earth” YKNOW WHAT I MEAN

      • I think that’s a fair point. Our characters did very little to earn that ending. I actually thought that Alex was going to leave us stranded in that sea of exsurgents gathered in Madrid, with no hope of escape, and our “ending” would be waking up in a resleeving facility somewhere, having been restored from back-ups. Also, the org is pretty well fucked with the likes of us working as proxies. I like Lucas as a character, and I do feel that he grew into his role as team leader, but he’s still a blunt instrument.

      • Alex

        Honestly, I kind of agree with you. The ending didn’t really fit with the overall tone of the rest of the campaign. However, I wanted there to be one ray of light at the end. I figured, after all the shit I threw at them, the characters (the my players) deserved something good.

        But the more I think about it, their “happy endings” really aren’t. Most of them are still working for Firewall, an organization that will murder them just as quickly as promote them. They’re going to have to deal with horrible, mind-breaking shit. Gaving (Meyer’s character) is devoting himself to a life of crime. And Dalton is has decided to police the Martian outback, so he’s probably going to see some shit. And Damien…

        As far as Earth goes, yes, it’s open to recolonization, but it’s a fucked up place. There aren’t going to be many safe zones where people can live.

        These are all very broken people. I’m planning a follow-up game set in the future, and I’ve already started planning what’s happened to these characters in the interim. There’s a post-mortem for the campaign coming up soon, and I mention it a little more there. These people have left a trail of death and destruction everywhere they went — sometimes on accident, sometimes on purpose. That’s not something that most people can just leave behind. You’ll see these characters again, for better or worse.

      • Let’s get one thing straight. I wasn’t playing a human. I WAS playing an anachronistic cowboy/gunslinger stereotype housed in the body of a big-brained chimpanzee. Or in other words…you’re damn right I was charming! 🙂

        But more to the point, I’m totally cool with the outcome. Even in a harsh realm like the Eclipse Phase universe, why shouldn’t people get a “happy” ending every once in a while? Yes, they escaped, but they didn’t emerge without scars. The campaign re-enforced some of Dalton’s beliefs and altered others. He is a much more complete character thanks to his adventures, good and bad. Sure, he made some mistakes, but he did some good too…and I thoroughly enjoy where Dalton is headed. He’s earned it! Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I don’t get the desire to see everyone’s character get screwed over as the only “proper” ending. Harsh world or not, we ran the race and get all the spoils that come with it… and, yes, some of them are better than others. And if you want to lay it all out on a Horrible Chart, where Amir is the least so and Damien is the worst…Dalton DEFINITELY ranks top three on the good guy side.

  • Being super honest here: I came because I met you guys at I-Con in 2012, I stayed for the Eclipse Phase campaign. 🙂

    • Alex

      Thanks buddy! Hopefully now you’ll stay for Ed and Ryan’s campaigns, too!

  • Slowly Melting Snowman

    Damiens last scene on the shuttle was… simply the perfect way to end this.
    (Okay, so you went on a little longer than that with the actual epilogue, but speaking of dramatic high points, the simple “ting, ting, ting” was the finest of them all. Close behind on the list of favourite moments have to be Daltons personal solution to his bounty trouble many, many episodes ago. I mean, I love it when players takes full advantage of the setting without breaking/duping/cheating the system rules. Character power is story power!)

    So, thanks again everyone for providing much needed entertainment for a scary amount of hours. You have converted me into loving the Eclipse Phase setting.
    (Too bad the rules sounds as mindbogglingly intimidating as some of the techno-horrors in the setting itself. Well, there’s always the follow-up episodes to cheer this Snowman up…).

    Now, what’s the latest news regarding the adventures of the Titor House?
    (I originally stumbled upon Ragnerdrok when I was interested in a Word of Darkness fix, and found your Mage sessions. When those episodes were all gobbled up, Eclipse Phase, well… Eclipsed pretty much any other podcast I cared to listen to. Now the mighty craving for magic have returned and this one is curious about what comes next.)

    Snowy salutes to y’all.

  • Chados

    I can’t believe it’s already over(well, like 2+ years ago). I hate getting in on cool stuff later on, after the entire campaign is finished.. Ah well.

    Surprise twist at the end by Damien, and I’m glad a few of the rest of you had Moxie points left over after the final boss fight.

    Great campaign, everybody.

    • You’re in luck: you may not have been listening during the original run, but Alex is planning a sequel campaign where we get to learn the fates of our original characters! We’ll also get to deal with the TITANs who may have responded to the signal that Charlemagne sent out, which I’m not so thrilled about, but hey! It isn’t really Eclipse Phase unless there are insane godlike machine intelligences fucking shit up.

      That should be starting after his Better Angels game wraps. We’re already hard at work on our new characters!

    • Thanks! And like Ryan said, I’ve got the sequel campaign planned out already. Hopefully we’ll be starting that up soon.

      I wanted to make sure I was planning for Damien correctly, so I asked Chris the other week how long Damien would hold a grudge. His answer was “forever.” Should be fun!

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