Feb 052014

Ten year-old Canadian web celebrity “Treasure” Chet Forest is about to host a special Valentine’s Day dinner for all of his fans, live-cast from his mother’s opulent home in Toronto. However, Chet’s vengeful father has taken steps to ensure that the irascible young star does not survive the party, and two teams of hitmen have descended upon the Forest home: a duo of pros with dozens of killings under their belts, and a pair of rank novices who are struggling to establish a reputation. As the night draws on, this Valentine’s Day bash steadily devolves into a complete Fiasco as the two teams vie to be the ones who put Treasure six feet under. Can they collect the contract without arousing suspicion, or will they end up taking each other out instead? Listen to find out!

This Fiasco actual play was created using “The Murderists,” one of the three playsets included in Run, Fools, Run!

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