Mar 192014
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When a Titanian scientist goes missing, Firewall activates a team of Sentinels to investigate. In this episode, they travel to the Pohl Research Station on Pandora, where the subject of their inquiry worked as a xenobiologist. As the team learns more about his work before he disappeared and the company he kept in his off hours, the likelihood that some deadly ex-risk is involved looms large, but what is it and how can they put a stop to it? Listen to find out!

  • my eyetwitch nerdrage comes out over QE communicators in EP. quantum entanglement is cool, but one thing it could -never- do is be used for communication. you can’t flip its state. they might as well use palantir for their FTL comms for all the hard scifier it’d be. they’re doing science wrong! wrooong scieeence

    apart from that grindy axe, glad your break from Eclipse Phase was brief! I’ve said before that I really appreciate Ryan and Alex’s intimacy with the setting material. and I hate and despair and love the Jenkin morph (it’s a Dreams in the Witch House joke, right?) only…it says its SECONDARY sexual characteristics are hideously enlarged. dicks are definitely primary. do they have…giant adam’s apples? that’d be the best.

    • chris

      Brown Jenkin is from dreams in the witch house, and that little fucker is really creepy. He is the familiar of the witch from the witch house and enjoys sacrificing babies to nyarlathotep with her. If you haven’t read it, you should. What other story can make geometry scary? The chance to play as a giant Brown Jenkin was too much for me to pass up, and I thought it worked pretty well with the always terrified Damien fork. As for the secondary sex characteristics….that part sorta confused me too. Male secondary sex characteristics just tend to be growing more hair, which rats already have in abundance. I think it really just means the female jenkins have giant boobs.

      • I have read it! I got the joke! that’s why I said it! =P

        I just thought the secondary thing was a brain error on the part of the writer, but it’s a more hilarious image

        good to see that Damian remains terrible and vile where’er his forks have gone!

  • More Eclipse Phase, Who-Hoo!
    So Meat Hab, huh? Things should pretty weird next episode. And did you say somebody is actually sleeved in it, like a giant morph?!

    • Omega

      Yeah, Meat Hab is a guy. Though being a giant slab of space meat makes you a little inhuman.

  • Chados

    Oh, jesus. Meathab. This should be fun. Already listening to Manhunters: Ep. 2. 🙂

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