Mar 122014
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Reeling from their numerous encounters with the otherwordly and wanted for the murder of an elderly hotelier, Frank, Father Wilson, Jamie, Paulie and Dr. Pepper head to Portland, Maine, to rendezvous with an old FBI contact, Jake Lundy. Before he can help them clear their names, though, they’ll have to help him look into a series of mysterious disappearances that have been plaguing a nearby fishing village. Also on the case are Augie Nelson, a conspiracy theorist who blogs from his pickup truck, and Shirley Mortimer, a local writer itching to cash in on Augie’s lunacy. However, one of these Investigators is not who they seem, and may have deadly intentions for their fellow party members. Can they solve the case before old grudges and murderous obsessions interfere? Listen to find out!

Campaign Navigator: Call of Cthulhu – “Frank ‘n’ Pete”

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  • Did nobody catch that Alex said, “Violence is what the proletariat use to keep the masses down,” or did you all just totally undersell it?

    Great job with the conspiracy theorist character. I have an academic interest in this type of thought process myself, and grew up steeped in that kind of culture, with more acquaintances who believe in the NWO than I feel comfortable trying to count, so I appreciate the accuracy, especially the complete disregard for any counterevidence. “Oh, that’s yeast? It’s the yeast! Of course! GMO mind control yeast!”

  • Omega

    Woo, vague aside references to myself and my inability to let rules things slide! (Though seriously, CoC is more fun if you go crazy so anything that makes you go crazy faster is better)

    Ed really has a great grasp on portraying these Lovecraft-esque ideas and concepts, and I will probably steal some of them at some point. Also, glad to have the full house, especially Alex, in the New England Adventures of Frank Lamont’s Scooby Gang. All of you bring a specific je ne sais quoi to these games, but I kind of missed Alex in the last couple CoC scenarios.

  • today I learned Shaquille O’Neil is on Wikipedia’s list of Irish-Americans

    and woooo for, um, didn’tcatchhername having a good time! always great when new players Get It.

  • Next Level 2

    Was listening to call of cthulhu and saw someone complaining about the belching, i enjoy listening no matter the bodily functions, I think it adds natural humor, you should do it just for the next episode because I said so 🙂 .. great show, looking forward to more new episodes.

  • Good game, guys. Can’t wait to hear what happens next. Alex, I loved your crazy hobo conspiracy blogger. I really hope he survives to see future scenarios.

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