Mar 262014
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This week, America’s favorite superheroic franchise takes on a legion of fanatics who have a particular bladed weapon to grind! When Axton Axariah and his fearsome Axis of Axes threaten The No Way! Squad’s headquarters, the team springs into action to defeat their foes and once again restore order to the East Coast metropolis of Boston. The usual NWS heroes are joined by Rollo Dex, the out-of-shape muscle mimic who missed a number of adventures while marathoning all twenty-six series of classic Doctor Who, along with their newest recruit, a Japanese hero who saved the city from a rampaging Category 9,001 kaiju. The battle rages with mayhem, danger, flaming tornadoes, and a deadly barrage of axe puns so sharp that they’re literally painful. Will the No Way! Squad once again be semi-victorious, or will they find themselves axe-coriated in the hearts and minds of their loyal public? Listen to find out!

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