Jun 182014
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The fictional metropolis of Apex City is about to face its greatest threat ever: a group of demonically possessed criminals eager to establish their reputations as formidable masterminds. When these dastardly villains learn that the city is planning to plant a redwood sapling as part of an Earth Day celebration, they decide to steal it and hold it for ransom. But can they make their debut with the requisite flair and menace to capture the city’s imagination, or will their reputations fail to take root? Can they successfully ransom off a tree without getting caught by police or damning themselves to eternal torment in the process? Find out, in this impromptu game of Better Angels!

Campaign Navigator: Better Angels – “Apex City / Bulbous Quarry Capers”

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  • Omega

    Fuck, now I want lemon squares.

    • Omega

      Pretty good game, you guys take to Better Angels very well.

      In future, you may want to have everyone also list their powers and maybe aspects when doing introductions, since there’s a limited list in BA, and that says as much about your character as their villain name and theme (especially since it is your MO), but that could just be my Wild Talents experience talking. The only person who listed both their powers was Ryan, and I’m not sure everyone used or even said both their powers in game. It also helps remind the other players what you can do when planning.

      (Still could use some lemon squares)

      • Alex

        That’s a good idea. We already recorded the second session, but I’ll try to remember to have everyone list their powers when they do introductions from now on.

        And making you crave lemon squares was all part of my evil plan. Bwahahahahaha!

  • ahahah oh man yes. Better Angels: No Way Squad Edition. this is, like, the opposite of No Soul Left Behind. but not in a bad way.

    • Alex

      Thanks! I’m going for a much more free-form feel with this “campaign.” I pretty much just have a list of people and places and then let the guys do their thing. But I think I see a plot beginning to form, although it’s in the very early stages. We’ll see how it goes.

      • I hope you pull it together! obviously this scenario was very much just random chaos, but I’d love to see a Ragnerdrok game where you force the players to act like real people here and there for once. it was hilarious, and I’d enjoy just a bunch of nonsense on this level (like I’ve said before, you guys are at your best when improvising playing horrible fucking people), but it’d be real cool if you could drag some personal conflicts they’re actually persuaded to take seriously into the mix.

        • Alex

          I definitely am. Starting with the second game, we opened with vignettes from the characters’ personal, non-villain lives. I’ve already started to come up with ideas for how those stories could go.

  • Darkfire

    I am surprised that Myer didn’t create “Mistress Pain” as his character. I had an idea for a hellbinder who has a succubus demon called “Lilliel the Tormentor” and took possession of a sexy weather girl. Her costume would be that of a dominatrix and her powers would be Impossible Beauty and Dominator Strike (Whip). For aspects, Glory and Winged would be good ones to take. Of course I got this idea from your awesome Fiasco News at Noon game you ran years ago.

  • Whyco

    I’m surprised no-one thought of using psychic objects to make a dummy tree.

    Is this game going to explore the darker side of the whole demonic-possession thing or are we looking at nefarious laughter and ridiculous heists all the way down?

    Oh, wait… Alex is the DM. Nevermind! *Gets popcorn and atomic-blast sun glasses*

    • Alex

      There’s plenty of laughter and ridiculous heists. Better Angels isn’t really a game that takes itself too seriously. That being said, there will definitely be an exploration of the darker side of being possessed by creatures who want nothing more than to pick their teeth with your immortal soul for all of eternity. I just ran a game last night, and we already started to go there. Should be lots of fun and/or horribleness for everyone.

    • RyGuy

      Lord Doctor Demos had a scene in last night’s session that took things in a waaay more serious direction. It was amazing.

  • not too shabby, you guys are a pretty good podcast so far.

    • zerombr

      I’ll admit that Myer’s constant ‘pretend I’m choking on a bone’ BS really annoyed me, especially when he taunted the audience, but he so far hasn’t done it again.

      • Wait wait wait! Meyer? Doing something annoying, disgusting or just plain off-putting on mic? I refuse to believe it! 😛

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