Sep 242014
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Mrs. Wells, the kindly proprietress of everyone’s favorite time traveling bed & breakfast, is missing somewhere in time and space, and only The Titor House Gang can save her! When her scheming captor, a powerful Mage who runs a trans-temporal cruise line, invites them to a performance aboard his ship, they find themselves hard-pressed to refuse. They arrive only to discover that they are the stars of the show, and if they want to see Mrs. Wells again, they’ll have to perform three “scenes” for their eager public. Have Tiger, Brandon, Dan, Gertrude, Jack, Patrick and New Freddie finally learned to work as an ensemble, or will the divas in the group once again hog the spotlight? Find out, on this week’s episode of “The Titor House!”

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  • ignore these nerds, Chris, -I- got your Crimson King reference. even if that book was a fucking abortion that steamrolled the characters’ personalities. Stephen King’d be a great author if he could just keep both hands on the keyboard and not let one sneak down to his dick half the time.

    • Samuel

      And if Stephen King didn’t have this egotistical approach to using abnormally off the wall terminology and plot revivals throughout his work I think he would be awesome, I have to reread everything 5 times before I understand what the fuck he’s talking about.


    Have you guys heard the Adam Wade story about looking like Rick Moranis?

    • Hehehe, that was pretty fantastic. Meyer will have to step his Moranis-resembling game up.

  • Nextlevel2

    Hahaha where’s the ugly Tiffany chick with no tooth and horrible body!?!? The name Gertrude reminds me of that Tiffany-ish character used in prior episodes. You have to love the chewing, the dog going haywire and the belches, wouldn’t be ragnerdrok without it. And the in-character disagreements too.
    I like the longer episodes too, I listen while I study, as awkward as that is, so the length of podcasts I enjoy. Excited for new episode, I can be a nerd sometimes.

    • Alex

      I’m so disappointed that we’re known for dog barks and belches in our APs. We need to clean up our act, guys.

      • Nextlevel2

        Aww don’t be so hard on yourself, you have a fantastic show! 🙂

        You have a loyal fanbase, great players, awesome game play (I enjoy more games then others though ;).
        I’ve been a listener for a while, don’t comment much, or know the game as much as you guys do but I love the show. There’s nothing wrong with letting loose every so often, it doesn’t need to be all professional, professional is boring.
        The errors, the laughs, the messups all make entertainment added onto the strategy of the game, there should be a balance between the two, with no need to be uptight.
        I didn’t mean anything negative by what I said at all, , it was meant as positive feedback, I apologize if my comment came off silly. There’s no need to be disappointed and you don’t need to clean anything up.

        • Danny

          Come to think of it,after reading this, there’s another podcast I listen to called The Gathering of Dorks where I feel they’ve followed ragnerdrok in many aspects. I enjoy listening to the gathering of dorks too they even have a guy on there who chews just like this one, and belches, the whole scenario is identical. The only critiques I have about the gathering of dorks is their microphone sucks and they play annoying music that is distracting and the guys aren’t as entertaining lacking a bit of personality. In that respect I’d choose to listen to ragnerdrok. The Gathering of dorks isn’t a bad show at all, they also do interviews and give tips and hints to novice players who are not as experienced.

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