Oct 012014
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The Triple-F once again takes to the streets of Apex City to commit dastardly deeds, fearsome felonies—et cetera, et cetera. In this week’s episode, they attempt to pull their first ever bank heist in order to pay their dues to Dr. Monstrosity, but despite their “careful planning,” unforeseen elements steer the job towards certain disaster. The bank vault isn’t nearly as intruder-friendly as they would have assumed, leaving the insubstantial Howlicide to stumble around in the dark while the rest of the gang makes a scene. In addition, it seems that a state-sponsored superhero has been monitoring the group and targeted the bank as a prime location to interfere with their plans, a hero collaborating with one of the Triple-F’s former allies, Schadenfreude. Can the Fear Force Five defeat the meddling do-gooders, collect the cash, and restore their image as the premier villain squad of Apex City? And what of the lingering promises that some of the Hellbinders have made to their demons, but never fulfilled? Listen in to find out!

Campaign Navigator: Better Angels – “Apex City / Bulbous Quarry Capers”

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  • Danny

    The lumberjack is the star of this campaign quite definitely. And the beauracratic attack against Ryan was hilarious, perfect timing.

  • maaan. I’d forgotten how long possessed v possessed combat takes.


    • There’s a very good chance of us mentioning comments that happen around Thursday afternoon / evening, since that’s when we play.

    • Nextlevel2

      I noticed that too haha!! You randomly chose a fan-comment out of the blue.
      You guys did a great job filling a 4 hour session with content, it’s not easy to pull off. Everyone worked well off each other and the RP was engaging, , I felt like I wanted to join in a few times through my earphones.
      This is positive feedback by the way *ahem* Alex haha 😉

      • Alex

        Thanks! I’ll have to remember to burp loudly into the microphone on your behalf. 😉

        • Nextlevel2

          Quote from the lumberjack “couldn’t be more flattered” 8) hahaha!!
          And you’re welcome, this episode had a bit of a “fiasco-esque-ness” attached to it, similar to your older games, had to give it some lovings!!!

  • Omega

    Another Astonishing Adventure from the #FearForceFive. Little sad the bank job took up the whole session, but that’s how ORE combat goes. Or at least, that’s how ORE combat goes in low-powered yet resilient systems like Better Angels. If this was, say, a Wild Talents game, a 2:1 ratio of Talents would probably end pretty bloody quick unless the smaller team was high defense/high offense characters.

    I’m actually super surprise Sparkler was the first one to get thrown down the road Hell, given his previous smaller spotlight and him seeming like he was genuinely the least interested in the whole supervillany thing (if this was just Will being kind of scatterbrained or actually in-character, I can’t tell). I’m interested to see how the group will react to the whole ordeal though.

    • Omega

      Oh yeah, and while I’ll have to check if it’s explicitly in Better Angels, typically in ORE when you take damage before you take an action, you lose a die from your tallest match, it doesn’t break the entire set if you have a 3x or greater.

    • Is Will being scatterbrained or staying in character?


      • Drooloverme

        Trying to keep up with the APs… there were a few slight errors here or there. I found Chris wavering and hesitating towards the end rather funny when Alex grew impatient and snapped. This is all part of the combat, be it as technical as it can be sometimes.

  • Whyco

    What’s this?! Chris playing an antagonistic character to the group? How out of character!

    Is this a sign that he’s on the mend and will be back more regularly?

    • Alex

      Chris is on the mend! He should be in the next few APs that are going up. Unfortunately, he’s taking some more time off in the coming weeks. He really wanted to play Better Angels, but didn’t want to introduce a new FFF member, since he knew he was going to be unable to play again for a while. We both thought this was a comfortable middle ground. This way, when he’s feeling better, he can either pick this character up again or maybe make a villain to join the FFF. We’ll have to figure that part out later.

  • Whyco

    “Something important to know about Aspects is
    that they come on fast. When a Screwtape announces
    that he’s putting on an Aspect during the
    declare phase, it comes on during the roll phase,
    before any other actions get resolved. This can
    be especially important for defensive powers like
    Ghost Form or Carapace.” pp. 82

    • Whyco

      I love you guys and I don’t mean to cause any offence. I just wanted to be sure you were aware that those aspects are *fast*, keep on rolling them bones!

      • Alex

        It’s fine. I realized afterward that I was running that part wrong. I’ll fix it for the next game. Something tells me they’re going to need their aspects.

  • Chados

    Next episode will be interesting! I actually (just now) made a ringtone from Meyer’s “AAAAHH!!!” and James’ laughing. I’ll have to try it out on my phone later.

    Like Meyer, I was pretty skeptical on the deadly bank vault. “Damn, we keep having tellers die in there, but the vault was made before the safety craze of the later years, so we’re fine” says some random bank manager.

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