Oct 012014
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The Triple-F once again takes to the streets of Apex City to commit dastardly deeds, fearsome felonies—et cetera, et cetera. In this week’s episode, they attempt to pull their first ever bank heist in order to pay their dues to Dr. Monstrosity, but despite their “careful planning,” unforeseen elements steer the job towards certain disaster. The bank vault isn’t nearly as intruder-friendly as they would have assumed, leaving the insubstantial Howlicide to stumble around in the dark while the rest of the gang makes a scene. In addition, it seems that a state-sponsored superhero has been monitoring the group and targeted the bank as a prime location to interfere with their plans, a hero collaborating with one of the Triple-F’s former allies, Schadenfreude. Can the Fear Force Five defeat the meddling do-gooders, collect the cash, and restore their image as the premier villain squad of Apex City? And what of the lingering promises that some of the Hellbinders have made to their demons, but never fulfilled? Listen in to find out!

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