Sep 172014
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In this impromptu session of our ongoing Dungeon World campaign, Ed joins the team of brave Nettlers as The Cleric! When the adventurers come upon a camp of ogres guarding the dam that blocks the Chillfinger River, they decide to break the barrier and wash the wild creatures away. However, before they can carry out their plan, they discover a pit full of captives on the outskirts of the settlement, including Brinton, a former Nettler whose parents sold him to the monastery of a spider god in the northern mountains. Now, in order to restore the river’s flow, they’ll have to mount a daring rescue, but can they sneak the slaves out without the ogres getting wise, or will they be forced into a more direct confrontation? Listen to find out!Campaign Navigator: Dungeon World – “The Nettle Crusades”

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