Oct 222014
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It was a simple job: Pick up a crate of cargo on Tatooine, take it to Nar Shaddaa, and get paid. What they didn’t expect was that the cargo would be a heavily sedated Krayt dragon, a creature capable of tearing up a crew of ne’er-do-wells and misfits just as easily as a Wookie could rip the arms off a droid. They also didn’t plan on arriving on The Smuggler’s Moon to find their patron’s tower in ruins, and completely deserted to boot. Now, this unlucky crew will have to figure out what happened to their patron so that they can unload their dangerous cargo before it wakes up and tears them to shreds. Can they negotiate the grimy underworld of a lawless moon to learn the truth? Listen to find out!

  • fwow. not knowing this system at all, that was immensely hard to follow. I can usually parse the basics of a game from a session of play, but I have no idea how…advantage? and…successes and failures, and–triumphant–what was it called, now–I don’t get it!

    Alex’s aggressively denying he was allergic to bothans was a brief moment of gold, though

    • The new Fantasy Flight Star Wars RPG can be that way a bit. It requires special dice with different markings on them. There are a few different kinds–mostly D8s, D6s and D12s, I believe–of the Good and Bad variety, and depending on your skill and the difficulty of the task, you roll a great big handful of both. Once the dice fall, you add up the symbols on them, subtracting the “bad” and “worse” results from the “good” and “better” results. The rationale is it allows you to determine various flavors of success and failure: you fail, but there’s a small benefit, or you succeed, but there’s a minor setback, total awesome success, complete and utter failure, etc.

      It’s easier to understand if you can see the dice:
      Star Wars Dice

  • Nextlevel2

    Ed’s character 42-Vox is ingenious, had me cracking up! I think what differentiates you guys from a lot of the other role playing podcasts is the character-development, which is crucial especially trying to keep an audience engaged.
    Meyer surprised me with his more serious side GMing, did a great job, I should include Meyer in with the twins that I mentioned in the last AP (so I’d retitle it ‘the triplets’) because I thought Meyer was Ed for a moment!! Hahaha. So I’ve gotten Ed confused with Chris and vice versa and Meyer confused with Ed.

    Star wars is difficult to recreate because there’s a lot of components to it and it’s grown as a franchise tremendously almost as much as Star Trek did before Star Trek flickered away. And you just just made it look like a piece of cake 🙂 despite this campaign being new territory for you guys.

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