Oct 272014
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It’s Halloween, and Mister Expy has graciously decided to throw the gang a costume party to celebrate. However, when a swarm of giant living dead bees created by a mad scientist attacks a Boston elementary school, The No Way! Squad: East Coast franchise finds itself facing a daunting threat: brain-hungry, hive-minded zombie children! To eliminate the zom-bee horde and restore–order?–to the Downtown Boston Area, they’ll need the assistance of two new members: Sticky Flambers, a kleptomaniac with pyrokinetic powers, and “Pete,” a mysterious shape-shifter who mimics the abilities and appearances of those around him. Can our brave hero-types triumph against a veritable army of grade school children, or will they feel the sting of defeat? Listen in to the first of five Hallo-Week horror games to find out!

Campaign Navigator: Wushu – “No Way! Squad East Coast”

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  • crawlkill

    I refuse to believe that there’s any way you boys can make No Way Squad any more horrifying than it already is, and I’m very concerned that you may be about to surprise me

    • crawlkill

      I love that even the mindless Danielles know that mutual suicide is a fate preferable to capture by the No Way Squad.

      wonderful management of the nuke there at the end, you guys are as ever masters of the surprise strategic callback

      even in the heightened nightmare reality of No Way Squad, Torsoman’s fate is amazingly hideous. I seem to remember it was just, like, Stormy decided the first time he saw him “Nope! Never gonna help that guy!” and he’s just never left the lobby since? his loathsome limbo is fantastic.

      • Chris

        Don’t forget, every time they ignore turbo-man and torso-man, they are also ignoring the rampaging dinosaur in Boston that they came to the No Way! squad for help dealing with.

        And if you think that was bad, you should’ve seen how the West Coast No Way! Squad treated this one guy named Ted. His life was purposely ruined each and every game.

  • Omega

    As expected, this game was much more terrifying for the DBCs and DBOs than for us NDBLs, but still a great listen nonetheless.

    (Also, speaking from my limited expertise, while there isn’t a good solid singular definition of “terrorism”, under general academic consensus, the No Way! Squad definitely counts as a terrorist organization)

  • Nextlevel2

    Woooow, two episodes up one after the other!! I like 🙂
    This episode had me cracking up half the time! It was definitely a comedic one. Everyone did such a great job and you guys seemed to be having fun, which is a good thing, shows through.
    I’m going to listen to the other AP now 😉

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