Oct 152014
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The Morning After ◊ A Very Dissatisfied Customer ◊ The Candlewick Young Entrepreneurs’ Club ◊ Jareth’s Hopes and Dreams ◊ Dotty Gets Recruited ◊ Duncan’s Distant Relations ◊ Down in a Hole, Redux ◊ Enoch Shows Initiative ◊ The First Sale ◊ A Game of Tag ◊ Doctor Davenfirth’s [sic] Generosity ◊ Ms. Silverdale Exposes Corruption ◊ Duncan Makes a Delivery ◊ The Ethics of Salesmanship ◊ Duncan and Jareth Address the Orphans

NOTE: The Dreadful Secrets of Candlewick Manor is still on indefinite hiatus, but we had Chris back for a few weeks, so we decided to get a session in while we could. We hope this game will tide you over in the weeks to come, and we look forward to returning to the story of our beloved creepy orphans as soon as possible.

In this week’s episode, Cecil receives punishment for the demerits that his residents earned him in the last game. Dr. Davenfirth [sic] arranges for him to become the first member of the Candlewick Young Entrepreneurs’ Club, a new organization dedicated to selling leather-bound encyclopedias. When Enoch, Jareth and Dotty get involved, they do their best to help Cecil unload the hefty volumes on unsuspecting Candlewick servants. Meanwhile, Duncan explores the new relationship he’s discovered with Pricilla Petty. Can Cecil, Dotty, Enoch and Jareth sell five complete sets of Rutlidge Encyclopedias? Will Pricilla set down the enormous chip on her shoulder and embrace Duncan as a family member? And, most important of all, why does everyone always have to congregate in the bathroom while Karl is trying to go? Listen in to find out!

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