Oct 282014
Rag-NERD-rok Podcast Tree

Five Sentinels, each with a secret worth concealing from The Org, set off into the Martian desert on an op that is doomed from the start. A scientist has gone missing in the TITAN Quarantine Zone, a Gatecrashing physicist whose ego may contain knowledge that The Go-Nin Group would kill to possess. She and her family flew their airship into the TQZ weeks earlier on a foolhardy mission to retake the lost Martian city of Quirain from the remnant war machines, and they haven’t been heard from since. Did Go-Nin’s bounty hunters finally catch up with them, or are the deadly perils of the Quarantine Zone to blame? Whether they like it or not, the Sentinels will have to track her down for retrieval, dead or alive. However, it soon becomes clear that their target was in possession of something more than just protected knowledge, something that will force the team members to reveal their true loyalties. Can they make it out of The Zone alive? Listen to find out!

This game session was based on the Eclipse Phase scenario “Million Year Echo,” by Jack Graham.

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