Oct 292014
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In the wild territory of the American West, something dark is brewing. When a charlatan doctor begins selling his “miracle elixir” in the frontier town of Springfield, those foolish enough to consume the tonic begin to sicken, die and return from the grave. Now, the doctor, his most desperate patient, his assistant, and his assistant’s extended–and extensive–family will have to battle hordes of the undead if they want to survive. Quackery, bigamy, evangelism and good old-fashioned violence combine with zombies in a scenario that can truly be called a Fiasco.

  • Omega

    “I wish tumors really did cool things…”

    Awww, you made me sad-laugh.

    • Omega

      BTW guys, Uranium Glass only fluoresces under UV light. Otherwise the normal natural ore of U (called pitchblende at the time) is dark grey. Uranium is pyrophoric, however, and may spontaneously burst into flame if in small enough grains at room temperature. It’s Radium which does all the cool glowing sickly green stuff.

    • ALSO SADLAUGHED. one of those out loud brow-knitted “ohhh!”s.

      • Nextlevel2

        @ crawkill, Awww, me too πŸ™

        Omega is really smart, just have to say after reading that comment because I would have never noticed that πŸ˜‰

        And I really enjoyed this AP, the unpredictable zombie noises was creepy at times, definitely halloweenish material haha! Thanks for posting 3 shows in one week Ryan, that was a nice unexpected treat. You should do that every once and a while, haven’t seen that since I first started listening.

        • We’ve got a Mythos-inspired Fiasco and the first part of a CoC three-parter that Ed ran coming tomorrow and Friday. It’s kind of a Halloween special thingie where we post a game a day leading up to the 31st.

          Look for the conclusion of Million Year Echo and the rest of Ed’s prison break scenario in the coming weeks. We’ll be back to our regular schedule after Friday.

          Thanks for listening and commenting, everyone! And thanks for sharing that tidbit about uranium glass. I didn’t realize that it glowed under UV light—I thought the entire draw of it was the sort of cloudy green color.

  • I was almost expecting you guys to go a kinda Pontypool angle with talkative zombies. thought maybe they’d just start chanting marketing slogans for Doc’s Miracle Elixir. endorsement zombies hungry for all they can grab.

    and pfhahah re: tales from unuploaded Fiasca. those do sound kind of awful. which makes me wanna know mooore.

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