Oct 302014
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Remigius Alcott Bradshaw had a bright future ahead of him as an anthropologist, until he discovered the Arkham Carvings languishing in the museum at Miskatonic University. At first, they were a tantalizing mystery, a local curiosity with no known culture of origin, a puzzle waiting to be solved. But as the decades drew on and his obsession with the enigmatic tablets grew, he pushed his colleagues and loved ones away, becoming a bitter, reclusive hypochondriac who reveled in the ruins of a promising career. Now, Bradshaw’s nephew Eddie has become a budding young scholar himself, and he wants nothing more than his dear old uncle’s approval. At the urging of his therapist, Dr. Farnsworth, Eddie sets out to complete the work that his uncle could never finish and decipher the tablets. When Eddie’s breakthrough leads the trio on a journey into a lost subterranean city, they soon learn the reason why an entire civilization was sealed away forever, and the true meaning of Bradshaw’s life’s work comes to light.

This Fiasco was created using the playset, “Unaussprechlichen Klutzen,” by Graham Walmsley.

  • aaand onto the watchlist with Ryan! the -podcast- watchlist, naturally. no vague yet menacing government watchlists at all.

    I was trying to figure out the genre of this for the first four-fifths, ’cause it wasn’t really comedy but it wasn’t quite horror? then I realized it was most like a German radio play adaptation of The Dunwich Horror I once listened to. Lovecraft’s stories are so antisocial most of the time that telling a narrative the same way he did with actual dialogue (and without the racism, but that’s another kettle of shoggoths) makes them actually feel like differently-told stories. the conclusion was really strong, though. very Whisperer in Darkness, to imagine that you’ve found some sort of immortality with an entity and then discover as the lights go out that in fact you’ve just found out why most people choose not to be aware of Mythos beasts.

    and to secure the position as weirdest comment ever: I always thought the Neonomicon deep one was kinda hot? as far as rapey fish monsters go? it was a thing I didn’t know I had until I read it. that “Leng” panel in the asylum toward the end was wonderful, really hit my profound cosmic horror center. that’s the way I wanna see Mythos shit used (the Leng panel, not the weirdly sexy fish monster rapists…as such). use the words and ideas, but expand and subvert their meanings. “Fall of Cthulhu” does that here and there, too, not quite as pure as Neonomicon, but not quite as annoyingly-overt-Lovecraft-reference and women in refrigerators, either.

    • Chris

      Did you just express interest in getting raped by a giant fish monster? You’re right, weirdest comment ever.

      • just the visual design of the fishmonster itself! not the rape part!

        • Chris

          Well, that’s slightly less creepy than I had thought. To each his own I suppose. I like you crawlkill, I hope one day you can have some tender, consensual lovin’ with a horrific fish monster.

          • just be glad I didn’t say “my profound cosmic horror prostate”

      • Well, you know what they say about Deep One fever:

        Once you go deep, you come back changed, a faraway look in your eye, a tremble in your hands, constantly glancing over your shoulder, cringing at the fishmonger as he pushes his cart past, becoming strangely aroused by the sound of surf in the sea-salt air…

        Anyway, they say that.

        • ++++cackling–so many cackles–can’t stop

    • aaand onto the watchlist with Ryan! the -podcast- watchlist, naturally. no vague yet menacing government watchlists at all.

      People get on Ross Payton’s case, but I’m the real monster in the Tabletop AP world.

      On a related note, Alex and Meyer will no longer be appearing on the program. They both…moved…to Canada.

      Yes…Canada…that’s where they went…

      • Chados

        Oh shiiiit, Ryan listened before he posted it! What worse punishment will the guys get now? Spend a week in the Box?

  • Omega

    >”Omega, crawlkill, you have to team up”

    Well, there’s only one way this scenario can end.


    • if saving them requires steampunk I’m just unna let em die

      • Omega

        Tesla’s more like early 20th century “sci-fi” like Verne. Weird Stories and the applications of that newfangled “electricity”. No weird deliberate anachronisms.

        Also, you clearly get to be HPL. I have to be Tesla, I’m the guy who pulls up the information about stuff like Uranium Glass.

      • Alex

        You’ve just inspired me to run a 50-game steampunk chronicle entitled “Crawlkill Hates This.”

        • make it Unhallowed Metropolis and you’ll’ve played right into my hands

  • Poor Alex and and Meyer shackled down in Ryan’s basement. Sorry guys, I would call the police, but I enjoy these AP’s too much 🙂

    I liked the game a lot, it actually felt more Lovecraftian then some COC scenarios I’ve heard.

  • Ansel Adams.

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