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In 1944, miles away from the Atlantic coast, the United States operated an island prison where a population of volunteer inmates participated in humane medical experiments in exchange for greater access to amenities. That’s what they were promised, anyway. What they got was horrendous mistreatment at the hands of an aloof, single-minded doctor and a violent, oddly loyal staff of guards. When five prisoners concoct a plan to escape, they begin to uncover the true nature of the experiments being performed on them, as well as the dark entity that the prison warden now serves. If they want to see the mainland again, they’ll need to steal a series of keys and avoid detection until the next submarine drops off supplies in three days time. Can they pull off the prison break of the century, or are they destined to become cadavers as well as test subjects? Listen to find out!

  • Nextlevel2

    I thought I’d share some insight on Japanese really quick, since I’ve noticed it in a few APs including this one 🙂 I love the Japanese culture and language. I enjoy the romance they add in a lot of yaoi and other animes and mangas in the different genres. Anyway, when you speak Japanese they have a sort of pitch accent, it’s unlike the Chinese who have tone pitch on each accent. The Japanese have a sort of “downstep” accent where the word starts up on a (semi-)high tone on the first vowel and starts to level out it’s tone towards the end.. So the Japanese word for oyster would be pronounced “ká – kì “, think of saying Godzilla with a Japanese accent and you’ll hear what I’m talking about :p
    They also pronounce their “u” really quick it almost sounds like they skip it like the word for “holy shit” = kuso, it sounds like their saying “kso”.

    Anyway, I’m going off topic again lolz.
    I love most if not all your call of cthulhu APs, they’re as versatile as all of your episodes and this one was no exception. Reminded me of a mix between the green mile and that other movie which I can’t seem to remember off the top of my head…
    By the way I’ve noticed Will’s been missing, you guys must have scared him away, poor dude.

    • Alex

      I was worried that if I tried to do a Japanese accent that it would just come across as offensive. That’s why I decided in my character’s backstory that he was born and raised in the US before he lived in Japan for a while. No racist accent that way! If anything, he’d speak Japanese with an American accent.

      • Nextlevel2

        I have more than respect for that response, you’re more than a considerate person Alex.

        Most cultures feel blessed to see others embrace their ways, the Japanese are very open minded and peaceful, it wouldn’t have come out racist at all.
        But I respect what you said because some people are sensitive, so who’s to know if someone takes offense.

        I just felt like I went hippie right now 🙂

  • how did you and Ragnerdrok manage both to release episodes about saltwater-fearing arthropod parasites on the same day

    • Those bastards at Ragnerdrok are stealing our ideas again!

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