Oct 312014
Rag-NERD-rok Podcast Tree

In 1944, miles away from the Atlantic coast, the United States operated an island prison where a population of volunteer inmates participated in humane medical experiments in exchange for greater access to amenities. That’s what they were promised, anyway. What they got was horrendous mistreatment at the hands of an aloof, single-minded doctor and a violent, oddly loyal staff of guards. When five prisoners concoct a plan to escape, they begin to uncover the true nature of the experiments being performed on them, as well as the dark entity that the prison warden now serves. If they want to see the mainland again, they’ll need to steal a series of keys and avoid detection until the next submarine drops off supplies in three days time. Can they pull off the prison break of the century, or are they destined to become cadavers as well as test subjects? Listen to find out!

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