Nov 052014
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Following their parley with the dryad council, the Nettlers head back to the ogre camp in order to regroup and plan the liberation of their hometown from Orcish forces. However, when one of the freed slaves reveals that he is, in fact, a slaver colluding with the ogres, Pendrel decides to have him killed, and Barnabas is forced to intervene by the oath he swore to Techumsah. The others, who have also noticed Pendrel’s darkening behavior since assuming command of the ogre tribe, beg him to see reason, but he refuses to listen. Can the Nettlers once again work together as a team, or are these differences of approach destined to tear the party apart? Can they make it back to Nettle in one piece, let alone rescue it? Listen to the latest episode of our Dungeon World campaign to find out!

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  • the performance of Varys in the Roy Dotrice audiobook is sooo much better than in that fucking TV show. he sounds huge and glutinous and kind of simpering in a gooey deep-voiced way, but it’s completely belied by the fact everyone knows he’s the most dangerous dude in Westeros. he always sounds like he knows a joke and is implying the people he’s talking with are in on it even though he knows very well they’re not. wonderful. I really don’t like the haughty, prickly Varys of the show.

  • Nextlevel2

    You all did a great job with this episode, I enjoyed the listen.
    Alex, you should definitely brand your “howls” cause wow that sounded perfect haha, see that’s what I’m saying, the weird unique sound effects you guys do whether intentional or not is unique to your show, like the chip sounds, and the burping, and now there’s ducks you’ve added to the arsenal of co-stars lol haha πŸ™‚ cracks me up for real, like where’d the hell did ducks come from?!

    and I noticed two instances of Beetlejuice references (hopefully I didn’t get that confused with another episode, I get APs confused with each other sometimes) who didn’t love Beetlejuice, that was the shit back in the day. Or maybeiit’s just me because I loved Beetlejuice, even when the cartoons came out.
    Everyone organically worked so good together as usual.
    You guys have this way of incorporating elements into your sessions totally different than others, hard to explain, but awesome episode guys πŸ™‚

    • Nextlevel2

      Oh and Ryan, you did an awesome job with the sorceress, you had me laughing with the “pooooofff” thingy you did and the whole charming attack lol, was funny, had to add this since last dungeons episode I mentioned the whole witch comment πŸ˜‰

  • Alex

    I take offense to you calling the party “the Nettlers.” Taeros is not from Nettle! He’s helping as part of his pilgrimage.

    • Fine. From now on, whenever I refer to the PCs in this game, I’ll say “The Nettlers (and Taeros).”

      • Nextlevel2

        Don’t get racist on us now πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› **in a Meyer voice**

        • Although we’ve already established how prejudiced I am against those filthy Fae creatures, I fail to see what my fantastical bigotry has to do with this. After all, Alex merely asked me not to lump Taeros in with the rest of the Nettlers, since he’s from The Frozen North. That has nothing to do with him being a pointy-eared subhuman.

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