Nov 192014
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In Part II of Ed’s Call of Cthulhu one-shot, the prisoners must evade detection long enough to escape. Vincenzo and Garrett have hidden themselves away in the boiler room, at liberty to roam the prison only at night. Meanwhile, Taichi, Mug and Curtis remain in their cells, doing what they can to keep things moving forward. As the pressure mounts and the conspirators are exposed to more of the warden’s unearthly servant, they find it more difficult to keep their plan on the rails. Can Garret and Vincenzo keep hidden from the guards? What will they be forced to do to maintain their cover? What of the disturbing appetite for human flesh that Vincenzo seems to have picked up? Will Tai, Mug and Curtis be able to hold up their end from behind bars? And when will the disturbing creatures that serve the warden and the doctor come into play? Listen to find out!

  • Nextlevel2

    Omg, you guys are crazy lol… I’m not sure if in the 1940s, the prisons consisted of this but from my knowledge prisons have gangs where the prisoners joined, many of them consisted of different races and some where intermixed and they protected each other and caused trouble and fought a lot.

    And since I said the Japanese comment, I’ll say an Italian one too haha! The Italians have geminated consonants (long consonants) and long vs short vowels so the word spaghetti would be pronounced something like spaa – gggghhhhheeeeee – ti, the accent is on the second to last part of the word and the Italians over-exaggerate the accented syllable which they are very known for. All their words are like that whether speaking English or not. And I think Giacomo is the more popular version of Giacobo even though Giacobo is Italian version of Jacob and Giacomo is James but Giacomo has taken over for Giacobo 🙂

    Anyways, you guys really had me laughing, I love listening to your funness and crazy stuff with the leveled out portions of the game.
    Not sure yet if you meant to have a part 3 listening to the end, definitely a cliffhanger 😉
    Thanks for sharing and keep doing what you do.

    P. S. I don’t know if I recorded a show that I’d listen to myself talking all the time either lol, it’s weird, I’d record for others to enjoy. I thought about doing one a while back.

  • Erik

    Who the hell is Clarence?!

    • Your mom. Clarence is your mom.

      (I fixed it. Now it says Curtis.)

      • Erik

        I just asked my mom. She’s not Clarence.

        Why must you lie to me.

  • Chados

    Chit, that was a good game. Not much accomplished, but some good chit. Did Erik ever listen to the game?

    Nice Meyer outburst at James, there. I wonder if we will see someone (James) go down to Zero sanity during a game.

    Great roleplaying all around.

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